Belize has a dirty, dirty little secret. They don’t like black people in Belize

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Amandala: Editorial

Belize’s dirty little secret

Belize has a dirty, dirty little secret. They don’t like black people in Belize. Oh sure, we in Belize have known about this prejudice for a long time, but in the region our “friends” don’t know about us. Our friends don’t know our dirty little secret, that we accept gay ships but we throw stowaway boys back on the ship that brought them, when these little boys are black.

In 75 years or so, Belize will be a part of Guatemala. Most of us who don’t like it, will try to leave. If you can’t, you will just have to take it or leave it. In fact, most of those Belizeans who got the sense have already left. Those who remain are those who are too young or too old to leave, or those of us who will fight or just don’t give a damn.

There are only two political parties in Belize that matter. The PUP was taken over by non-black elements in 1956, and the UDP followed, likewise, in 1983. Black people still make a lot of noise in Belize, but the noise is only loud: it says nothing.

In the 1950’s, the British and the Americans discovered oil in Belize, and at that point it became important to them, it appears, to transfer the majority blacks, who were relatively educated and troublesome, out of British Honduras. Hurricane Hattie in 1961 was the catalyst. British Hondurans were allowed to migrate freely to New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and New Orleans once they had relatives in the States. The exodus of black Belizeans has not stopped since.

United Nations officials made the immigration decision for Belize, in the late 1970’s, to facilitate the entry and establishment of refugees from the Salvador, Nicaragua and Guatemalan civil wars into Belize. Hondurans and Mexicans accompanied them. Very, very few of these Central American refugees were black. Thus, Belize became Belice, and when you dared to point this out, you were described as “racist.”

If this newspaper were in charge of Belize today, we would take 20,000 Haitian refugees and put them to live and farm on our western border. This will never happen, although only Belize and Guyana in CARICOM have land available to accept any refugees. It will never happen, because they don’t like black people in Belize. And Haitians are the blackest people in the Western Hemisphere.

Now the “they” in Belize who do not like black people, were themselves black 40 and 50 years ago, but they were trying their absolute darndest to be as brown as they could be. The brainwashing job done on British Hondurans by the white supremacist schools, beginning in 1814, had been spectacularly successful. The very blackest of Belizeans refused to concede that they came from Africa. This is still true today, amongst the older folk. The mental liberation of young blacks in Belize has taken place since 1969, but now it’s too late.

Now amongst the Belizean browns themselves, there are maybe 5 per cent of these who can pass for white in the United States. More important, though, is the fact that the 45 per cent Belizean browns who cannot pass for white in the United States, will not be able to pass for white in Guatemala. In Guatemala, they don’t even like Indians, much less Africans.

The Opposition political party, which for decades has passed itself off as a party which was black when compared to the “Latin PUP”, is unable to endorse the teaching of African and Mayan studies in the schools of Belize. It is a fact that British and European histories have always been taught in the schools of Belize. These histories were white supremacist in concept, and contributed substantially to the obsession of British Hondurans with trying to be as white as they could possibly be. One of the major political parties, a party which has ruled Belize for two five-year terms in the last 20 years, finds itself unable to support the tiniest of attempts to reverse the brainwashing. Why is this so?

It is so because the people of this country were mis-educated over a period of almost 200 years. The blacks did not know that they were Africans, and the browns seriously believed that they were Europeans.

A Belizean Cabinet Minister who was attending an emergency meeting of CARICOM last week in Jamaica to consider the humanitarian crisis in Haiti, returned to Belize before the meeting concluded. If a life and death crisis did not suddenly develop for him in Belize, and this newspaper has no evidence to suggest any such crisis did develop, then the Belizean Cabinet Minister returned to Belize because he did not believe the crisis in Haiti was that important, and/or he believed that it was not relevant to Belize.

If this was how he was thinking, his thinking was not that much different from the thinking of most Belizeans. So you understand why such a Minister is such a successful politician: his thinking is the same as the thinking of most Belizeans. And politics is about numbers.

Yet, this Belizean newspaper, whose views do not represent the thinking of most Belizeans, is the leading newspaper in the nation of Belize. So that is a puzzle to us. Well, words are only noise, and they do not affect policy. So, we are allowed the words. The policy remains.

The dirty little secret remains. They do not like black people in Belize. There is no one who can deny that any more. “If any, speak, for him have I offended.”


Amandala so full a rass, it's incredible sometimes.

they traffic in black victimhood and it's a grossly disfigured display.


Weh yuh bex fa? Controversy sells newspapers! Number one rule in newspaper PR. You want the headline to say, "...they love black people"?


Amandala plays upon the sentiments of Black grassroots Belizeans, sometimes I feel Amandala promotes black poverty because that fits into their scheme of things.

Amandala knows quite well why the minister left early, he was instructed to do so by the Leadership of the Musa Administration, and that is not a new situation.

Amandala only "talk" black, but I am not impressed.....


no, but it's useless to fuel such rass.

they want to write an editorial about Belize not taking in Haitian refugees, then say that. It's a legitimate issue to debate. Back in the 1980s, some people campaigned for the importation of blacks from Haiti or other Caribbean countries to sort of even out the immigration from Central America. It never happened. And i think there are legitimate reasons for and against.

Amandala claims to traffic in black "nationalism" but really, that's code for racism. people can love themselves and have self pride without hating others. really, nationalism is a symptom of an inferiority complex.

the truth is, according to the latest census, black people in Belize as a whole are far far better off than the large majority of Mestizos. education levels are higher, income is higher.

all of that is a function of the fact that the black population is more urban, has greater access to education, government jobs, etc. the mestizos dominate in the rural areas and in the city, the immigrants tend to have less education, work in construction, food sales and other lower-paying jobs.

so how can Belize hate black people???


Old School Cruffy
Yes, I agree with you. Evan, PLEASE!

STOP THE FOOLERY! Don't tell people things to fuel anger, but peace and empowerment!:mad:


Evan di talk outta his ***. again.

belizisimo, well said, he trafficks in victimhood.

he uses the race issue to keep stupid folks scared and interested in his rantings by passing himself off as the ONE person in Belize who "knows" what is going on.

RASS, if it's not the Americans, its CIA, its the Jesuits, it's the gays, it's (still??) the British, it's the Guatemalans, it's white people, it's black people. WHO LEFT???


It's easy for people to say he's full of "rass", but where is your evidence to the contrary? Is there nothing in his article you agree with? Is racism against blacks non-existent in Belize?


Let's analyze:

"we accept gay ships but we throw stowaway boys back on the ship that brought them, when these little boys are black."

We know the gays were protested against and that they're there for tourism and the $$ they bring. What black boy is he talking about?

"In fact, most of those Belizeans who got the sense have already left. Those who remain are those who are too young or too old to leave, or those of us who will fight or just don’t give a damn."

The above is true for Belizeans of all races.

"The PUP was taken over by non-black elements in 1956, and the UDP followed, likewise, in 1983."

Factually correct.

After hurricane Hattie..."The exodus of black Belizeans has not stopped since."

True, Belizeans of all races emigrated mainly for economic reasons.

"United Nations officials made the immigration decision for Belize, in the late 1970’s, to facilitate the entry" of non-black Central Americans. Thus, Belize became Belice, and when you dared to point this out, you were described as “racist.”

Wow! First time I yer da one!

"The very blackest of Belizeans refused to concede that they came from Africa."

True statement, but that's from the legacy of white supremacy.

"The dirty little secret remains. They do not like black people in Belize."

Who the hell is "they" ?


it figures Mellowman would buy wholesale into this rass.

for the information of innocent bystanders on the board, mellow likes to take old postings and turn them on people to illustrate some nonsensical point. that's why the veiled comment about filipino, without exactly pointing out who he's talking about.

in case anyone wonders, i believe he's referring to mutt people like me, who have lots of races in my family. depending on where i am, people think i'm of varying backgrounds, partly because many people don't know about Belize and its people. so in a pvs post i mentioned that i've been mistaken for filipino or samoan/hawaiian or dominican.

i'm proud of all the races that make me me. i'm equal parts black, and maya, and spanish/mestizo and God knows what else.

i believe that is typical of the racial mixing we have in Belize. and that's what i love about our country.

which is why this Amandala editorial is so full a rass. people who have an inferiority complex tend to lash out at everyone around them. that's how the human mind works.

if the editors at Amandala want to have a rational discussion about race relations in Belize and the problems that we have. Then fine. That's a great debate that we should have. But lashing out at people and taking the cover of victimhood is completely useless. it shows weakness of mind.


Old School Cruffy
Where in the world are black people accepted?

We have had to fight for every success we have achieved, so Belize is not the only one with this secret. This is no secret at all. The whole world knows that black people has been last on the list. That's a HUGE TRUTH! Here in the USA the last to get a good job is a black man. The reason why the jails are full today is because the black man has been trying to get up but keeps being pushed back down.

The white man have so lied that the black women believe the lie that there are no good black men around. How good is that for esteem building. The sisters were introduced to pants wearing and so now they believe:

"You don't pay my bills, etc... so I don't need you". Yet they need the white man's jobs to pay their bills which is a contradiction in itself.

What if men were to wear dresses. They would begin to act like women. Women are now acting like men because they choose to do what men should be doing.

I love my black man and will always do all I can to see him rise to the top. I will tell you a secret. THEY ARE RISING AND NO ONE CAN STOP THEM!


dj illmatic

Though Some may feel That Amandela is full of rass. The issue is true. I agree with the overall idead of the article. It is evidence.
Why can't belize help haiti. We can help Honduras, China and everyone else. Yes Racism is alive and well in belize. that is the truth. adn this issue does need to be address to the people and the goverment.


I do find it curious why Belize has been uninvolved and rather quiet on the current Haiti matter.

Haiti is the only country Belize has ever invaded. Recall that the BDF soldiers took part in the US sponsored invasion to reinstall Aristide in 1991. If we cared then, why don't we care now?

And why, if we can send an ambassador to rail against Israel at The Hague over their violations of Palestinian rights, can't we be more involved in a matter much closer to home, the upheaval in a fellow Caricom member?

As for taking in Haitian refugees, the government of Belize doesn't currently have a refugee system in place. Which is why they turn back Cubans who periodically accidentally wash up on shore. In Cuba, Belize is known as one of the places you don't try to seek asylum because they'll return you.

I think it would be a good humanitarian gesture to try to take in some Haitians. However, what happened in the 1980s cannot be repeated. Haitians are by far the poorest, most destitute people in the hemisphere. The high illiteracy rates and the poor health of the refugees would make Haitians a very costly group of immigrants to Belize. So we can't afford to take in that many.

But we have established a precedent with taking in 40,000 Central Americans, many of which were poor and destitute, also. We also would have to make sure Belize gets better funding from the UN and rich countries, because remember, they dumped all those poor people into Belize in the 1980s and then didn't provide enough support. The UNHCR shut down its office in Belize in the early 1990s. And Belize's education and health system is still not recovered from having to care for all these people.


Racism again??? know i'll let you in on a little secret about my life growing up in Belize, i am not black but i too was discriminated black people themselves...when they start with "dat stupid lee spanish gial".....that's i dont think anyone should single that out because i have seen them have as much opportunity in this country as any other poor race and there a lot of us here.

If black people continue to have that type of mentality that everyone wants to oppress them, and at times many of them have that attitude....people will continue to ignore them. Cause nobody wants an ignorant person around them or working for them.

I had to deal with that at my previous job, where i was told that i was racist because i dont date black people..and a other bull**** that was completely ridiculous.

You have to start with yourself first, and decide that there is no one in the world who can ever put you down no matter what race you may can suceed on your own merits than just race


poor mellow.

when you grow up and stop feeling like you're a victim, we can talk man to man.


amen, cookie!

there is a race problem in Belize. but that's the case in every single country in the world. that doesn't make Belize so different. Doesn't mean Belize has some dirty secret.

in Belize, some black pipple are racist against the salvadoran or guatemalan immigrant pania. some of the pania discriminate against blacks. creoles discriminate against the garifuna. everybody, it seems, discriminates against the maya.

discrimination and racial problems are present in every society. i'm just glad that despite our issues we don't choose to kill each other over it. but we do have to tackle some of them or else you could easily see some type of balkanization take place.

that's the problem i have the amandala article. its tries to make out that belizean blacks have all the claim on victimhood.

you are a victim if you make yourself one.


While it's certainly true that children (and even grown adults) call each other racist names and it's stupid to call someone a racist just because they don't date outside their race, the question is have the racism in Belize become institutionalize? To answer this question let's look at jobs and housing: the two major barometer of success. How many blacks own property in nice areas, especially the cayes? How many blacks have a nice job making a good salary? The answer is very little.


surfa, actually according to the last census in Belize, as a group creoles had higher education levels, higher incomes than mestizos, garifunas and several other groups.

that's partly a function of the fact that so many mestizos are immigrants, who came to the country with little education, tend to work in agriculture, and live in rural areas.

poverty rates are much higher among the maya, so if anyone has a right to complain about getting the shaft, it is the maya.

i would agree that the richest people in Belize tend to white or mestizo. but the creole middle class is quite established in Belize.