Belize Women's volley ball team beats Guatemala!

All ah we da Belizeans!
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Belize Beats #1


Tonight, Belize’s Women’s National Volleyball team could be on the verge of something major in the Twentieth Central American Volleyball Championship.

The team shocked the world last night at the Civic in what has to be the upset of the century: They beat the #1 ranked women’s team in the region, Costa Rica. This catapulted them to second place in the tournament standings.

This morning, President Allan Sharp was still riding an adrenaline high as he tried to put the historic victory into context:…

Jules Vasquez
"What was the feeling last night?"

Allan Sharp - President, BVA
"Well extreme emotion, I actually had to go back and sit down - I felt weak but basically because of the high emotion. I mean no team in Central America had beaten Costa Rica since 1999 and they've only lost once since 1991 and that was to Honduras in 1997 and may I say by the same coach that's coaching us. In fact in this particular tournament since 1991 they have not lost, so the win was a very big win."

Jules Vasquez
"After that sensational victory how are you all keeping the team's feet on the ground?"

Allan Sharp
"Well one is keeping them away from the press (laugh). Actually they have a system in place that has been from the beginning and we maintained that system. So we did not want - obviously there are a lot of requests for interviews but we said we can't break the system, we want to keep the same routine we had been keeping. We spoke out this scenario before it happened; we spoke about what happens if we beat Costa Rica and the high emotion you will feel and so it was prepared. Now we realize we know later today, so our job now is to try and win against Guatemala and in as big of fashion as possible. Once Costa Rica beat El Salvador and we win 3-0 against Guatemala the gold is ours."

Tonight’s final game where Belize takes on Guatemala starts at 7:30 at the Civic Centre. Admission is free for the first one thousand students with an ID card, and the first one thousand children.

As Sharp noted, Belize could end up anywhere from first to fourth place. But, right now, a pivotal match is playing between Costa Rica and Salvador - and it is tied one set each. If Costa Rica wins, then the gold medal spot is in play - and If Belize Beats Guatemala in straight sets, the gold could be ours. We wish them good luck!