Y'all alright?


All ah we da Belizeans!
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Just checking in to see how everybody's doing? Remember as stay at home restrictions have eased, still nuh tek chance. Wear your mask and stay away from people and especially crowds. Thank God, Belize has not seen any new Covid-19 cases in over a month. God is good!


Interestin Smella Cruffy
Doing OK in Arizona. Been locked away in my home since mid March. Approved to be working from home until June 1st now, though I expect that to be extended again once we hit that date. I am in essentially every high risk group and my work had me go through Disability Services for approval to work from home. My pulmonologist told me if I go on a ventilator that will be my end. Period.

One thing that is very deeply ingrained in me is my work ethics. I have been working to close to half a century, much of that time working 2 or 3 jobs. I am in IT so I can do a lot of work from home, but the bulk of my normal work is very hands on. I miss that part a lot, not to mention going out beyond the confines of my yard and actually seeing people.

There has been one very good thing that has happened since the world ended. I am a Grandpa! Baby Archer (6# 8oz at birth) is 9 days old today and I was able to hold him for the first time yesterday.

I hope everyone here is well and healthy. Please remember to wear your mask and wash those hands of yours! Indeed, most people will weather this attack, but please remember, we are all in this together. Though you will weather this, people like me have no chance at all if we pick this thing up. It is a death sentence, not only to me but to your Grandpa and Grandma too. Stay Safe!!


Interestin Smella Cruffy
Thanks, Ms. Empress. My wife sees our grandson most days now, though I have only seen him twice. Wife is back to work, while I continue to hunker down. Thankfully I have been able to work from home, which means I am still bringing home a paycheck. I realize that is not the case for far too many. My work is very hands on, which I can not do remotely, but work is very supportive of me staying safe. I am far more than ready to be back at work, but I really don't have an option to do so until that darn vaccine gets here. When Biden takes office and lowers the age of medicare to 60, chances are quite high I will retire before I actually step foot back on campus. Belize still holds a very special place in my heart, and always will, but chances are high that we will retire to Puerto Rico. I'm seriously considering the Dominican Republic as well, but I am having a hard time convincing the wife to move from the States.

The Empress

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He’s so cute , I love his moccasins. I know your wife is probably over the moon about her grandson. I hope you get to retire soon and enjoy it.


Interestin Smella Cruffy
Thanks. We kind of like him. Just wish we could get his hair to lay down! I suspect he will end up with a Mohawk his whole life. Papa is Navajo, thus, the moccasins.