Keto Instant Pot Crack Chicken


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I am on a keto diet learned recipe of this here's the recipe

Crack chicken ingredients
boneless skinless chicken breast
cream cheese
garlic powder
onion (prefer powder)
cheddar cheese shredded

In this recipe you can use left over chicken they can be cooked in electric pressure cooker but if you want to be cooked in slow cooker then you can go for crok pot put it in the morning and get it in dinner

To make a crack chicken in slow cooker add chicken and cream cheese in slow cooker and add water vinegar garlic and onion powder,red pepper flakes,black pepper,dill and salt in bowl and pour on top let it cook for 8 hours take the chicken out and shred it and put it in bowl add chees,Now cook the bacon in skillet and cut it into small pieces put it as a topping on chicken crack bowl you can have this recipe with other low carb recipe such as zucchini