Hol choch AKA Salpicon



A Belizean afternoon snack prepared with jicama, oranges and fiery habanero pepper. A local treat most Belizeans call “hol choch” or “salpicon”, it is a must try for all those who crave a sour and spicy snack, or for someone wanting to try something different.

A cousin of the sweet potato the jicama is a rather humble vegetable, quite homely in appearance. It is characterized as a cross between an apple and a potato, yet nothing is quite like it. Jicama is not only satisfying and flavorful but also a good source of potassium and Vitamin C. low in starch and calories. Look for them at any of your local super markets unpeeled and unseasoned.

The jicama’s crispy white flesh is hidden under a fibrous dust-brown skin, which must be completely stripped off. After peeling both jicama and oranges Chop in squares together with 1 or 2 habaneros, Cilantro, add cayan peper or powder habanero peper, salt, 20% water and 80% vinegar, mix all together and enjoy.

You can also add pine apple, mango, apples or any other fruit you prefer.



Madarata/Premium Member
This looks like an easy snack to make. I've never heard of salpicon when I lived in Belize. :dontknow

I always pass jicama by when I'm in the veggies section since I had no idea what to do with that vegetable.

Thanks for sharing OG