Happy Independence Day! ‘A nation alive, a people with pride. Belize at 25.'


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The Most Honourable P.J. Patterson has accepted the invitation of Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Said Musa to join in the celebration of Belize’s 25th Independence Anniversary.

The Former Prime Minister of Jamaica is scheduled to arrive on the 13 September 2006 and will be participating in various activities planned for his stay in Belize. The highlight of Prime Minister Patterson’s visit will be the delivery of a lecture at the Bliss Centre for the Performing Arts entitled, The Significance of Independence to a Small State in the Caribbean.

Throughout his tenure in office, Honourable P.J. Patterson has had a clear vision for, and unwavering dedication to the integration of the Caribbean Community. Today, the manifestation of that integration is the Caribbean Single Market which became fully functional in Belize on 1 January 2006. Former Prime Minister Patterson was one of the few fortunate Caribbean leaders to have been involved in several of the Councils of the CARICOM over its almost 33-year history.

The ties between Belize and former Prime Minister Patterson span beyond belonging to the same regional grouping.

Belize is very grateful for Honourable P.J. Patterson’s immense contribution in the internationalization of Belize’s quest for a secure independence with its territory intact. As Foreign Minister of Jamaica in the critical years 1978 to 1980, he took a leading role in fighting for the rights of the Belizean people at the United Nations, in the Non-Aligned Movement and in the Commonwealth, and has since then been steadfast in supporting our continuing struggle to settle the Guatemalan claim in a peaceful and just manner.

In recognition of his sterling contribution and steadfast support to Belize and for his other regional accomplishments, the Order of Belize will be conferred on the Most Honourable P. J. Patterson.

The former Prime Minister will also address a luncheon of the business community at which he has agreed to speak about the CSME.


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The Reporter

Belize celebrates in grand style on Sept. 10 &21

By Joseph Stamp Romero - Staff Reporter

As the country of Belize embarks on its 25th anniversary as an independent nation and the 208th anniversary of the battle of St. George’s Caye; this year’s September celebrations promises to be the nation’s most spectacular.

The events take place under the theme: A Nation Alive A People with Pride Belize at 25.

Twenty-eight-year-old Victor Cucul, a volunteer firefighter of Belmopan won the $1,000 prize money for selecting this year’s theme.

There were two other individuals who were given special mention. They are Stephanie Betancourt and Sheena Banner. The theme was chosen from among 49 other entries.

On Wednesday the celebrations calendar of events was launched at the House of Culture in Belize City.

On hand for the launch was celebrations Chairman Godfrey Smith who gave the opening remarks. Co-Chair Yasser Musa made the various activities a whole lot more inviting when he spoke about the events.

The celebrations officially opens on Friday, September 1 at the parking lot of the Bliss-Centre for the Performing Arts on Regent street.

On Saturday, September 2, the stage is set for the 61st annual Queen of the Bay pageant at the Belize City Centre. The official 10th day ceremonies take place on Monday, September 11, at the Memorial Park at 8:15A.M.

The improvements on the calendar of events are expected to be the catalysts that rejuvenate the festive spirit within Belizeans. For example the We are Belize Project, which opens on September 17 buy invitations only at the Bliss. The same event is opened to the public on the 18th and 19th.

The Belize City Council takes on a new addition-the Municipal Multi-Cultural Fair on September 10-11 at the former Belize Technical College grounds.

For a look at the sights and sounds of the celebrations visit www.septembercelebrations.com


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...belize nuh got ONE dolla fi celebrate anything eena "grand style"....city council bruk, all town boards bruk, central govament bruk....we owe 2 BILLION dollars....
...only the teefing politicians got money....:rolleyes: :mad: :box :fight :rolleyes:
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Ch 5:

Tony Wright releases patriotic CD

Just in time for the September celebrations, local musician Tony Wright has released a compilation of all his most patriotic songs. According to Wright, "September Feelings" is designed to fill listeners with national pride.

Tony Wright, Artist
“It’s a CD I put together from over the last fifteen years of my music. Every year I use to put a celebration song on each one of the album them and so this year, since it’s our twenty-fifth anniversary, I decided to bring out this album with all of the songs I did over the years concerning the celebration. This album has ten of the great songs them, specifically based with the celebrations songs them. September was a time when the artists and the people excel. It was a time when we get on the stage on show we selves you know. And it seems over the years it has been dying and dying, and we need to put it back because our young people them seem that they no really know which direction to go. It seems that they don’t really know what happened years gone by you know. So we need to get back. Well we no gwen back ina the past, but we need to let people know we had we culture, that September dah fi we thing. So that’s really what I want we bring back this September.”

"September Feelings" is available for ten dollars at gift shops and music stores across the country.


i wuda really wah know weh belizeans gat fi be proud offa...?....jus di name?


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Ch 7:

Bredda David's Back for 'Dis Septemba'

He's a 30 year veteran of the music scene but Bredda David's perspective on music remains fresh. He's released a new single to encourage unity during the celebrations called "Dis Septemba, Mek Wi Rememba." He told us that it's the duty of very artist to produce and perform in this month and, as the originator of his own style of music, for him that responsibility goes double.

Bredda Obi,
“Congo music is the music that I created and it continues to grow and only get stronger. I decided, with so much that I people have done over the years, I’ve written a song to try to make us reunite as Belizeans, at least in the month of September. So this Septemba mek wi rememba, St. George’s Caye and Independence Day.

This is the month when we have to step up. I consider my job very serious as a Belizean entertainer. This is the time when we the Belizean musicians needs to play music, bring out the music so our people can get excited and people can hear what we are doing. If no other month in the year, September is the month when we need for all the Belizean musicians to release as much music as we could so we could excite our people and make our people feel proud in this month.”

Bredda David's album is available widely.


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Bz Times:

The September Celebrations Committee under Chairman Hon. Godfrey Smith, the Minister of Tourism and Co-Chairman Yasser Musa, the President of NICH, today launched its Calendar of Events to commemorate the 208 anniversary of the Battle of St. George’s Caye and the 25th Silver Anniversary of Belize’s Independence, with a ceremony at the House of Culture.
Minister Smith, in the speech he gave at the launching ceremony, revealed that the Independence Silver Anniversary celebration on September 21, will be held on Albert and Regent Streets where it was when the Independence Celebrations was held in 1981 and several years there after.

When asked why the switch from BTL Newtown Barracks Park to Albert and Regent Street, Minister Smith replied: “It is because this Independence Celebration is the silver anniversary and we want to make it special.”

Yasser Musa who also spoke at the ceremony, said some new events will be held in this year’s September Celebrations and be highlighted some of them. One of them will be a display of 60 of the most impressive works of art at the Museum and an exhibit of the real Jade Head.

Musa also said that another new event will be a performance sponsored by the Embassy of Taiwan which will feature world class performers from that country. In addition, he highlighted a technology exhibition which will be held at the House of Culture and will be done by a team of Taiwanese experts.

“We are trying to attract over 4,000 students to attend the event”, said Musa.

Musa also highlighted the Tribute to Belizean Patriots event in which 25 awards will be presented. He spoke too about the annual Creole Festival which will be held at the House of Culture and which will feature a youth talent parade of stars.

Another event which he highlighted will be a Musical show which is being prepared by internationally renowned musician and pianist Francs Reneau.

“In his September Celebration the emphasis will be on Culture”, he said.

Mrs. Deidra Isaacs Haylock, the Public Relations Officer for the September Celebrations Committee took to the podium next and announced that the winner of the theme competition was Victor Cucul, 28, a volunteer fireman, residing in Belmopan. Cucul’s theme was “A Nation alive a people with pride, Belize at 25.” Cucul received $1,000.00 for his prize.

Mrs. Haylock made mention of two others whose themes were good. They are Stephanie Betancourt and Sheena Banner, 16, a fourth form student of Nazarene High School.

The Mayor of Belize City, Zenaida Moya was a guest speaker at the ceremony. She thanked Yasser Musa and other members of the September Celebrations Committee for the work they have done.

The Master of Ceremonies was Rene Villanueva of Love FM. Canon Leroy Flowers gave the invocation. The national anthem was sung by Tanya Carter.

At the end of the ceremony a package containing 2 compact discs with September Celebration songs selected by Tony Wright was presented to each person in attendance.


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Ch 7:

Lucio & Junio Return for September Bramming

Earlier this week, you heard Bredda David say that, in the festive month of September, it the duty of artists to come up with new music for Belizeans to celebrate with. Well two veterans who have stepped up to the plate admirably. Colville Young Jr. and Lucio Enriquez put out their contribution to the music of the season. They've been out of the studio since 1991 when they last had an album and now they're back with a tru-tru bram album. The CD is entitled Juni and Lucio returns. Featuring classics like Duwanani and Macachista, the veterans of the scene told us that this is their way of trying to recapture that good time September spirit.

Colville Young Jr.,
“We were a bit upset that the whole September celebrations seemed to have gone kind of low and in our opinion it was the artists, the former old time musicians in the Lord Rhaburn Combo professionals and they are the ones who made the September month what it used to be. But it got commercialized somewhere along the line with Byron Lee and the reggae artists and all that so we just believe that September is supposed to be something local, it is all about us so that we are just trying to get the whole month back to what it used to be and we believe the artists should lead that charge. So we just want to be counted.”

Lucio Enriquez,
“It is very dance, everything in there is for the dance hall. It was catered for that. It includes folk songs, it has punta rock, it has folk songs in punta rock, it has a heavy Garifuna flavor. We went to Stann Creek and we worked with one of the big producers from Dangriga and he had some Garifuna primero drums, shells, and so on so it has a heavy Garifuna influence. We wrote most of the songs but there are other songs that we just took and we add our flavor to it. We have a very nice collection there.”

The CD is available widely.