What are Mailing Lists? Internet mailing lists are (usually) just communities of people sharing information via e-mail. For example, people interested in Belize can join a mailing list and discuss issues facing Belize.

Belize Reporter - Online version
Get news from the Belize Reporter sent to your email box each week day.
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Belizean Mailing List:
A new Mailing List created by where Belizeans and others interested in Belize can discuss topics on anything about Belize. Since this list is new and looking for new members, people new to the Net can feel comfortable in starting a new tone for discussions. Click here to join!

Belize-Culture Mailing List:
To join this popular Mailing List: Send an email to [email protected] and put the word "subscribe" in the body of the email. (No quotes) Follow the confirmation instructions received to unsubscribe. After you've subscribed you may post a message to the list by sending an email to [email protected]. Add this address to your email address book.

Belize-Development Email List & Directory:
List purpose: Furthering the economic development of Belize.
This list is particularly dedicated to facilitating business, private enterprise development, helping make contacts, and incidentally discussing issues of interest.
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Click here to see the Belize-Development Business Email directory.

For Belizeans and those who love Belize. Discuss current events, tourist stuff, life in Belize, etc. IrieBelize - tours, fishing, snorkeling, kayaking - Caye Caulker.
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Belize News & More:
FREE Daily (M-F)newsletter from Belize (British Honduras)with NEWS, WEATHER, SPORTS,EXCHANGE RATES, CLASSIFIEDS, TIPS, ECT. delivered every day to your inbox. Perfect for anyone interested in BELIZE
You can subscribe very easy by sending a blank email to: [email protected]

Belize Scuba Divers:
For the lovers of Scuba Diving!
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Tips: Some email mailing lists are very popular and can clog up your inbox with frivilous messages mixed in with your important emails. To avoid this problem you should "filter" your mailing lists mail to go to its own inbox. Most popular email programs such as Outlook Express, Outlook 97 & 98, Netscape Messenger, Eudora Pro, etc. have filtering features to steer your emails to a particular inbox. For example, the Belize Culture mails can be filtered to automatically go to its own inbox if mails sent or cc to [email protected] is received.

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