Belize - - Grauma use to seh

June 3, 2002
Grauma use to seh...

(Belizean Proverbs)

Remember those wise old saying our Grandparents use to tell us? E-mail your grauma saying here Or correct our translation & meaning.
Grauma sayings (Proverbs) are different from Belizean Old Wive's Tales. See our tales here! Remember: There could be more than one meaning in your family. So if the meaning is different from what you know please tell us. We'll add more than one meaning! Also from now on new "Sayings" will be placed on top.

The next one submitted by: [email protected]

Emty crocus bag kant stan up
An empty crocus bag cannot stand up.
Meaning: when you are extremely hungry you cannot work.

The next one submitted by: cbydsign

Falla-fashin monkey cahn buy good soup guh dung a gully go eat dutty soup"
Follow-fashion monkey cannot buy good soup, so he goes down to the gully to eat dirty soup.
Translation: Keeping up with the Jones' - A jealous person will go to the utmost length to say that can do the same as you.

The next one submitted by: [email protected]

Blood tika dan wata but wata tase betta.
Blood is thicker than water but water taste better.
Meaning: Sometimes interacting with friends or strangers is less stressful than interacting with problematic or difficult relatives.

Lessa fowl,lessa shit
Lessor fowl,lesser shit
Meaning: Less people,less problems.

The next one submitted by: Miguel Myrna

Hog asked his momma why is his mouth so long, His mother replied, don't worry baby when you grow up you will find out.
Meaning: You will learn more about yourself as you grow.

The next three submitted by: KinkyKruffy

Plantain no eat like rice
Plantian doesn't taste like rice.
Meaning: During hard times,one eats what is available even if it's not what one wants or is accustomed to.

Champagne dreams wid lime juice money
Meaning: Wanting things that one clearly cannot afford,see heng you hat hiya dan you cud reach.

Dat one cut like panya machete.
That one cuts like panya machete.
Meaning: a person may seem duplicitious,a one gathering may take a certain stand , make certain statements or share a particular opinion, then contradicts or disclaims them when in another gathering.

The next two submitted by: James Stowes
when trouble ketch yuh pickney shut fit yuh
when you get in trouble, you fit into a child's shirt.
Meaning: When you find yourself in trouble, you will try to get out in imposible ways.

ah chrow mo corn, but i nuh call no fowl
i throw my corn but i don't call the fowl
Meaning: I say my piece but i call no names

The next six submitted by: Deborah C.
Meaning: Mind your own business!

Meaning: Action speaks louder than words.

Meaning: A dishonest person can't remember to be consistent.

Meaning: Two wrongs do not make a right.

Meaning: Lend money to a friend, and he'll become an enemy.

Meaning: People love getting something for nothing.

Meaning: No one advertises his own faults.

Meaning: Look before you leap.

The next one submitted by: [email protected]
Yuh gat yuh han eena tiga mouth
You have your hand in the tiger's mouth

The next two submitted by: Mel
Every daag have eh day
Every dog has his day
Meaning: That whatever goes around comes right back, so your actions are
very valuable be careful what you say because sometimes it comes right back
at you.

Wen dah tree ben yu can't straiten ah.
When the tree is bent you cannot straighten it.
Meaning: That when a child is being spoiled and has grown up to be a man that trying to change him would be too for the parent to do so; that's why it is very important for parents to rise their kids the proper way

The next two submitted by: [email protected]
U di deh di gren lik chesnat kat
You are there grinning like a cheshire cat.
Meaning: You looking guilty of something.

"Ebre pat gat e kibber"
Every pot has a cover
Meaning: There is a partner for everyone.

The next one submitted by: [email protected]
Yu coulda lie suga outta bun.
You could lie suger out of bun.
Meaning: You can tell alot of lies.

The next one submitted by: Mista Twin Shyne
If dah no so, dah naily so.
If it's nt so, then its nearly so.
Meaning: If it's not all the way true it's almost close to the truth.

The next one submitted by: [email protected]
Sorry fi marger dawg, marger dawg tun round bite yu.
If you're sorry for a meager dog, the meager dog will turn around and bite you!
Meaning: If you sympathize with someone, or you give them a help, they do not appreciate the kindness, instead, they become your enemy.

The next two submitted by Kim Staine.
Hawg meh ask e Mammie how it mout so lang. Yu de grow!
Hog asks his Mommy why her mouth is so long. Her response, "You are growing".
Meaning: As you go through life you will understand things more clearly.

Wha happen, stick bruk eena yu ears?
What happened, is there a stick broken in your ears?
Meaning: Are you hard of hearing or did you hear what I said?

Di sins of the madda falls pon di child.
The sins of the mother will fall upon the child.
Meaning: Children will bare the consequence of their mother (parent's) actions

Good soup neva meet good fufu
Good soup never meets good fufu
Meaning: Good things rarely co-occur. (Fufu are plantain dumplings)

The next one submitted by [email protected]
Yu blade a wonda if you bade.
You're blade, I wonder if you bathe.
Meaning: You're dressed up but did you take a bath?

The next four submitted by Jamie Lord
Cut da rope shaut.
Cut the rope short.
Meaning: Don't take so long on the tiolet.

Tiga must di bite.
Tiger must be biting.
Meaning: When some one has a wedgy.

Put two a deh enna wha bag a we wa si who wa come out fus.
Put two of them in a bag and we will see who will come out first.
Meaning: Put two people with the same personality together to see who is more determined to get ahead.

Cut da lang bench shaut.
Cut the long bench short.
Meaning: Put an end to the long conversation.

The next two submitted by: Carlisle
If yo no listen, yo a've fu feel.
If you don't listen you will fee.
Meaning: If you don't heed good advice you will get hurt.

Yo giv weh yo ass ahn shit chu yo ribs
You give away your ass and shit through your ribs.
Meaning: People who give away too much and is left with little.

The next one submitted by Blznqen
Weh bone nuh provided, dogs nuh deh.
Where bones are not provided, dogs are not invited.
Meaning: If you did not receive an invitation, you are not invited.

The next four submitted by Shaun
Yo act like yo have chinch ina yo ass.
You are acting like you have chinch in your ass.
Meaning: This was used to describe very active children that could not stay in one position for a very long time. It accused them of having bed bugs biting them so they could not keep still.

Whe dags no invited, bones no provided.
Where dogs are not invited, bones are not provided.
Meaning: Do not go to people's houses at dinner time(unless you were invited) because they did not make food for you. Also in general, do not make it a habit to go places where you are not wanted.

Yo bawn wit gold spoon ina yo mouth.
You were born with a gold spoon in your mouth.
Meaning: You were born to a family that is more financially fortunate that others.

De dag dead now.
The dog is dead now.
Meaning: This is the end of the party. All the good times have ended.

The next one submitted by Antonio Linaris
Todey fe mi, tomorrow fe you.
Today is for me, tomorrow is for you.
Meaning: Your day is today but sooner or later my day is coming.

The next one submitted by [email protected]
One plate a dinna no fatten maaga dog.
One plate of dinner doesn't fatten meager dog.
Meaning: When things are bad, an isolated piece of luck doesn't help much.

The next three submitted by Juliet
Cow no bizniz ina haas galop!!
Cow does not belong in a horse's gallop.
Meaning: Mind your own business.

Changie blak dawg fu monki!!
Exchanging a black dog for a monkey!!
Meaing: Making an exchange for something that's just as bad.

U deh deh di baffu ah cahn gamma!!!
Trying to "baffu" but can't "gamma"!!
Meaning: Trying to accomplish something but can't get it done.

Croffie di ahn, de run da fya but run fra rain!!
Creole run to fire but run from rain!!
Meaning: Some people are giddy.

The next one submitted by Lori Bonner
Adam Bantan wipe e ass befo e sh*t.
Adam Banta wipes his ass before he sh*ts.
Meaning: Don't get too ahead of yourself. (Like counting chickens before they hatch)

The next one submitted by Juanita daughter
The dog that is eating never stop.

The next one submitted by Willa Grant
Weh eyes nuh se, hart no greive.
What your eyes don't see, your heart won't greive.
Meaning: What you don't see won't hurt you.

The next three submitted by [email protected]
What my ears doesn't hear, my ass doesn't count.
Meaning: I have to hear it to believe it.

When I let out my rooster, pull in your hen and lock the hen house.
Meaning: Protect your family when danger is lurking.

The next one submitted by [email protected] (Juana)
If you don't like the cow how can you like the calves?

Dry wedda friend or Dry wedda house.
Dry weather friend or Dry weather house.
Meaning: A friend who deserts you in time of need. A leaky house.

Every bully gat e catcha.
Every bully has his catcher.
Meaning: Even a bully will get beat up.

Hag live wit e gaddi.
Hog lives with its godmother.
Meaning: In hard times you live with a rich relative.

Yu di hold lang bench.
You're holding long bench.
Meaning: You're spending to much time (talking).

The next one added by [email protected]
Man whe sh*t da pass no rememba, da who daab eena it.
Man who sh*t in the past don't remember, it's the one who steps in it.
Meaning: Someone who does something bad don't always remember what they did; it's the person who it affects

Yu si mi crass!
You see my cross!.
Meaning: You see the tribulations you're putting me through (Like Jesus on the cross)

The next one submitted by [email protected]
Show mi yu company and ah wha tell yu.
Show me your company (friends) and I'll who you are.
Meaning: You're judge by the company you keep.

The next one submitted by [email protected]
No sell yu ass and sh*t tru yu ribs.
Don't sell your ass and sh*t through your ribs.
Meaning: Don't give away what you have and be left without.

Fos fool da no fool.
The first fool isn't a fool.
Meaning: First deception in the real deception.

Food weh no killing, fattening.
Food that's not killing is fattening.
If the food isn't bad for you then just eat it.

Fun bring bun.
Fun will bring burn.
Meaning: Paid will come from to much fun.
(Note: We use to add the line: "Fun bring bun, till yuh Grauma tun (turn).
or submited by [email protected]
Fun Bring Bun tel ya eye wata bun
Fun bring pain until you cry
Meaning: when you play around alot your going to get hurt

The next two submitted by Nicole:
Aze haud pickney always feel.
Meaning: Children who don't listen to what their elders tell them always end up in a situation where they get hurt or in trouble.

Gawd neva gi yo mo dan whe yo cud bare.
God never gives you more than you could bare.
Meaning: God never allows someone to carry more burdens in this life that what they are capable of carrying.

Aze haud pikni go da mauket two times!
(Hard of hearing child must go to the market twice)

Meaning: If you don't pay attention you may have to do the work twice.

Tiega mauga, but e kaka taura!
(A tiger may be skinny, but his butt is strong!)

Meaning: A small person could still be powerful.

Every day bucket go da well, di battom must drap out.
(The bottom of a bucket will eventually drop out after every day use.)
Meaning: Nothing will last forever.

No stir up stinkin mud if yu cant stann the scent.
(Don't stir up stinking mud if you can't stand the scent.
Meaning: Don't dig up a secret past if you can't take the consequences.

No count yu chicken befoe deh hatch.
Don't count your chickens before they hatch.
Meaning: Don't count as certain what has not yet occured.

No cry ova spill milk.
Don't cry over spilt milk.
Meaning: Don't worry about things that already happened.

Di leaf no fall far fram di tree.
The leaf doesn't fall far from the tree.
Meaning: An offspring have the same characteristics as their parents.

Yo hang witt di daug yo ketch di fleas.
You hang with dogs, you'll catch their fleas.
Meaning: You hang around bad company, you'll get into trouble.

If e nuh bun, e nuh dunn.
If it isn't burnt, it isn't done.
Meaning: If the food isn't well cook, it's not finished.

Di dauka di berry, di sweeta di juice.
The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice.
Meaning: Comes from the notion that blacks are better in bed.

E tauk big, but e sh*t small.
He talks big, but he sh*ts small.
Meaning: His mouth is big, but he can't back it up.

Wen daug havv money e eat cheez.
When a dog have money he eats cheese.
Meaning: When a person have money he buys things he normally wouldn't buy.

Yu wahn no how bauley grow.
You will know how barley grows.
Meaning: You will understand/appreciate how hard it is to get/keep something.

Leev sleepin daugs alone.
Leave sleeping dogs alone.
Meaning: Leave things not messing with you alone.

Di wallz havv ears.
The wall have ears.
Meaning: People may be listening.

The following seven submitted by Neil Fraser (Translation and meaning mine unless noted)

Breeze blow pelikin same place him wahn go.
Breeze blows pelican the same place he wants to go.
Meaning: The pelican is a carefree bird who never fights the winds. (Neil)
Also: Refers to someone who changes direction in opinion or decision to suit the moment.:(Thomas Forster)

Di higher monkey climb de more ahss he dey show.
The higher a monkey climbs, the more butt he'll show.
Meaning: The higher (up the the social ladder) a person gets,
more arrogant he becomes.

Man hate you he gi you bahskit fo back wahter.
A man hates you if he give you a basket to carry water.
Meaning: A person doesn't like you if he gives you bad information.

One one fill bahskit.
One at a time will fill the basket.
Meaning: Persistence and attention to the task will get you there, even if slower. (Neil)

Kine wuhds neber bruk jawbone.
Kind words never break a jaw bone.
Meaning: You'll never get hit for saying something nice.

Coward man kip soun bone.
A coward man keeps some bone.
Meaning: Discretion is the better part of valor (Neil)

Tenk Gaad fu me mout no eena dis.
Thank God my mouth isn't in this.
Meaning: Thank God I'm not involved in this argument. (Neil)

Munkey si, munkey du!
Monkey see, Monkey do!
Meaning: Kinda like keeping up with the Jones, or you'll follow what your peers do.

Si mi an live wit mi da tue difrant ting.
Seeing me and living with me are two different things.
Meaning: Not yet ready for a commitment.

Who di shoe fit mek dey wear it.
If the shoe fits, wear it! Meaning: Whomever caused the trouble will have to deal with it.

Cackroach no go da fowl dance.
Cockroach don't go to fowl's dance.
Meaning: Don't go where you don't belong.

Empti krucus bag cant stan up.
Empty crocus bag cannot stand up.
Meaning: A weak person can't fend for himself.

Di sae ting weh sweet yu wahn sowa yu.
The same thing that sweets you will sour you.
Meaning: What makes you happy can make you sad.

Man aada monki, monki aada e tail.
Man orders monkey, monkey orders his tail.
Meaning: A person given orders pass it on to someone else.

No call aligetta big mout til yu krass di riva.
Don't call the alligator a big mouth until you've crossed the river.
Meaning: Don't mess with someone until you're safe.

Ful belli tel empti belli kip hart.
Fully belly tells empty belly to keep heart.
Meaning: A well-off person tells a poor person to perservere.

Fishaman nevva seh e fish stink.
Fisherman never says his fishes are stink.
Meaning: A person will never talk bad about his family or self.

Evry dae da no Sundeh.
Everyday isn't Sunday.
Meaning: Not every day is a day of rest.

The next one submitted by [email protected]:
One day bellyfull fatten maga daug.
One day belly full fattens a skinny dog.
Meaning: Eat everything in one day and don't think about the next day.

The next one submitted by Jane L.
Yu Deh ride wahn high haas!
You're riding a high horse!
Meaning: Your attitude is demeaning.

Yu gat to much a weh di kat lick e battam wit!.
You have too much of what the cat licks his bottom with!
Meaning: You have too much tongue (smart mouth).

E cold no daug nose.
It's cold like a dog's nose.
Meaning: It's very cold!

Yu dressup no puss bak fut!
You're dressed up like a pussycat back feet.
Meaning: You're dressed to impress!

The following six submitted by the Mahlers.
Chip no fall far fram de blak.
The chip doesn't fall far from the block.
Meaning: You are just like your parents.

Hass laze fu bac y grass wahn stauv.
Horse lazy to carry his grass will starve.
Meaning: If you don't work you won't eat.

Yu culd mek wa haas go fu wata, but yo ca fosa fu drink.
You could make a horse go for water, but you can't force it to drink.
Meaning: You could encourage somebody, but can't make them do it.

Ogly monki eat pretty mammie.
Ugly monkey eats pretty mommy.
Meaning: The ugliest guy/girl gets the prettiest guy/girl.

Da no who lauf fuss lauf best.
It's not who laugh first laugh best.
Meaning: Similiar winning the battle but not the war.

Ol log wod stump da road side.
Like an old wooden log sitting on the side of the road.
Meaning: A Good Samaritan who's always available when needed.

The following one submitted by May H.
Neva drap di bone fi ketch di shadow.
Never drop the bone to catch the shadow.
Meaning: Stay satisfied with what you have.

The next one submitted by RTRUJES@aol
If yu mek yu bed haad yu hav to sleep eena it.
If you make your bed hard you have to sleep in it.
Meaning: If you get yourself in trouble you have to face the consequences.

Kiss Pauli red battam!
Kiss Pauly's red bottom!
Meaning: Leave me alone! (varies)

Yu wahn get am wen fowl gat teet.
You'll get it when chickens grows a tooth.
Meaning: You'll never get it.

The following four submitted by Neil Fraser

Ah wanda whey jankro do befo jekass dead?
I wonder what the John Crow did before the jackass died?
Meaning:A comment on people who have suddenly obtained wealth.

Bad ting nevva got owner.
A bad thing never has an owner.
Meaning: People will never assume responsibilty when something goes wrong.

Dis ya time no stan like befo time.
This time is not like time before.
Meaning: This is not the good old days.

Han napkin tun table clath.
A hand napkin has turned into a table cloth.
Meaning: People risen above their station in life and are arrogant to others.

The next one submitted by Jane L.
Mout seh anyting !!
Mouth can say anything.
Meaning: You talk too much! (Big mouth)

To much a wan ting gud fi nutting.
Too much of one thing is good for nothing.
Meaning: You'll get bored with the same thing over and over again.

The following thirteen submitted by Neil Fraser

Greedy choke puppi.
Greedy choked puppy.
Meaning: Being greedy can get you into trouble.

If yu play wit puppi e lick yu mout.
If you play with a puppy he'll lick your mouth.
Meaning: Familiarity breeds contempt.

Parson krissen e pickni fus.
The parson christens his own child first.
Meaning: Charity begins at home.

Si mi an liv wit me da two diffrent ting.
To see me and to live with me are two different things.
Meaning: Not wanting to get too close to a friend.

Sickness come di gyallop but tek e own time fu waak weh.
Sickness comes in a hurry but takes its own time to leave.
Meaning: It's easier to get sick (corrupted) than healed.

Time langa dan rope.
Time is longer that a rope.
Meaning: Things will change eventually.

No put mout pan it.
Don't put your mouth on it.
Meaning: Don't talk about bad luck or it might actually happen.

Trouble neba mek eself.
Trouble doesn't make itself.
Meaning: Be careful not to get into trouble.

When cackroach mek dance e no invite fowl.
When the cockroach holds a ball he doesn't invite chickens.
Meaning: Don't invite trouble.

When fish come fram rivva battam an tell yu halligetter gat bellyache you mus beleeve anh.
When a fish comes from the river boottom and tells you the alligator is hungry you had better believe him.
Meaning: Heed words of warning.

Wen man dead grass grow da e doe.
When a man dies the grass grows to his door.
Meaning: Dead mean are soon forgotten.

Wen man no gat nuttin fu do e go da sabana an tell cow maanin.
When a man has nothing to do he goes to the savannah to tell the cows good morning.
Meaning: Idle people find silly things to occupy their time.

When pickni waan cry you only look pan dem an e cry.
When a child wants to cry you need only look at him and he crys.
Meaning: Refers to people who complain about everything.

The next four submitted by Hortense C.
Wen rain come, John Crow sey 'e wen buil' house.
When it rains, the vulture talks of building a house.
Meaning: Refers to people who wait until disaster strike before taking action.

Sake a mout fish get ketch.
Because of it's mouth the fish got caught.
Meaning: Talking too much will get you in trouble.

No ebery ting weh gat shugah sweet.
Not every thing that has sugar is sweet.
Meaning: Don't be fooled by looks.

John Crow tink 'e pickni white.
John Crow thinks his children are white.
Meaning: People who think their children are different.

The next one submitted by May H.
Tiega tred easy pahn slippry slope.
Tiger walks carefully on a slippery slope.
Meaning: Becareful when in an unknown place or situation.

Ah wanda weh jankro mi do befoe jakass dead?
I wonder what the crow did before the jackass died?
Meaning: An arrogant person who found wealth.

Deh close like batty an chemba pat.
They're close like a butt and toilet.
Meaning: Very close friends.

Bad ting nevva gat owna.
A bad thing never has an owner.
Meaning: People will not admit to their wrong doings

Barefoot tea betta dan empti belly.
Barefoot tea is better than an empty belly.
Meaning: A little food is better than none.

Beg watah no bile cow skin.
Begging for water doesn't boil the cow skin.
Beggin doesn't solve your problem.

Big word no bruk man jawbone.
Big words don't break a man's jawbone.
Meaning: Words can't hurt you.

Blud falla vein.
Blood follows your vein.
Meaning: Family comes first.

Cow shit pahn e tail, weh yu expect pahn di ground?
Cow shits on its tail, what do you expect on the ground?
Meaning: If a person can harm his family he will hurt you too.

Cow know weh weak fence deh.
The cow knows where the weakest part of the fence is.
Meaning: A bully know who to mess with.

Da no one time monkey wahn wife.
It's not one time a monkey wants a wife.
Meaning: A man wants many sexual partner.

Di eye a di masta fatten di calf.
The eye of the master fattens the calf.
Meaning: People work better when being watched by the boss.

Di man weh lif up haas tail no e batty red.
The man who lifts up the horse tail knows his butt is red.
Meaning: A person who is involved will know the truth.

E deh eena puss an daug heven.
He's in cat and dog's heaven.
Meaning: Somebody who is very happy.

Evry bulli gat e catcha.
Every bully has his catcher.
Meaning: Everybody has his match.

Falla-foot jumbie, you jump eena wata.
If you follow the ghost you'll jump in the water.
Meaning: Following bad folks will get you in trouble.

Finga nevva say look ya, e say look deh.
Your finger never say look here, it says look there.
Meaning: People never tell on themselves, they tell on others.

Fool-fool daug bark afta moonlight.
A foolish dog barks after the moonlight.
Meaning: Suspicious people worries about everything.

E fraid no puss.
He's scared like a cat.
Meaning: Easily frighten like a cat.

Fowl shit white an tink e lay egg.
The chicken shits white and think it's an egg.
Meaning: A person who thinks too highly of himself.

Gaad nuh like ugly.
God doesn't like ugly.
Meaning: God will remember your bad deeds.

The next one submitted by Tasha Reyes
Cova a di book no tell di story!
Cover of the book don't tell the story!
Meaning: Don't pass judgment before becoming familiar.

Small rudda control big ship.
Small rudder controls the big ship.
Meaning: A small person may have the better brain.

Slippry no okro.
Slippery like an okro.
Meaning: Someone who is clever and cunning.

Small ax fall big tree.
The small ax cuts down a big tree.
Meaning: Size is not important.

Same knife weh kill sheep kill goat.
The same knife that kills the sheep kills the goat.
Meaning: What you do to others can happen to you.

Scarnful daug eat dutty puddin.
The scornful dog eats dirty pudding.
When a finnicky person unknowningly eats something dirty.

Nuh tek serious ting mek play.
Don't take a serious subject and play with it.
Meaning: Keep a serious subject serious.

Nuh evrything weh gat suga sweet.
Not everything that has sugar is sweet.
Meaning: What may appears good may not be.

Nuh heng yu hat higher dan yu can reach.
Don't hang your hat higher than you can reach.
Meaning: Don't spend more than you could afford.

Mek yu slef floclath an pipple wahn wipe dehn foot pahn yu.
Make yourself to be a floorcloth and people will wipe their foot on you.
Meaning: People will exploit your weakness.

Married man da trouble man.
A married man is trouble.
Meaning: Fooling around with a married man is asking for trouble.

Me han no jine chuch.
My hand didn't join the church.
Meaning: A good person will defend himself no matter what.

Monkey know weh limb fi swing pan.
The monkey knows what limb to swing upon.
Meaning: People know their place (home).

Kip yu ass in line wit yu heel.
Keep your ass in line with your heels.
Meaning: Have respect for others.

Haste mek waste.
Haste makes waste.
Meaning: Rush things and you'll mess up.

The following two submitted by Monique as told
to her by her beloved Great-grandma, Sita.
Yu noh know di use ah di wata til di well run dry.
You don't know the use of the water until the well runs dry.
Meaning: You don't know a what you have until its gone.

Yu deh bout town like drif-about doggy.
You're out all over town like a drifting dog.
Meaning: Maybe you should stay home sometimes.

The next one submitted by CorozalGal
Dah fool de talk but dah no fool de lissen.
It's a fool that is speaking, but it's not a fool who is listening.
Meaning: The smart person is the one who listens well.

The next one submitted by Ivy Pitts
Evry fat fowl ga ih day.
Every fat bird has its day
Meaning:Your bad deeds will catch up with you.

Only daag bauk an chase.
Only dogs bark and chase.
Meaning: You should do one thing at a time.

Pat cuss kettle seh e battam black.
The pot curses the kettle saying it's bottom is black.
Meaning: People who find faults with others usually have faults themselves.

Teef nevva prospa!
Thieves never prosper!
Meaning: A thief will never get ahead.

Time langa dan rope.
Time is longer than rope.
Things will change no matter how long it takes.

E lie fasta tan haas trots.
He lies faster than a horse trots.
Meaning: A person that lie very fast.

Trouble neva mek eself.
Trouble never makes itself.
Meaning: Be careful or trouble will come.

Wen puss no deh, rat tek place.
When it cat isn't there the rat occurs.
Meaning: When authority is gone other makes trouble.

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Ah wahn be di goose weh pik di grass affayu grauma grave!
I will be the goose that picks the grass off your grandmother's grave!
Meaning: I will live for a long time. Therefore, be good to me.

The next two submitted by Thomas Forster
Haas dead an' cow fat story.
Horse dead and cow fat.
Meaning: Refers to a convoluted and improbable story; tall tales.
"My aunt use to fire off that phrase when her children would comeouble.

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Ah wahn be di goose weh pik di grass affayu grauma grave!
I will be the goose that picks the grass off your grandmother's grave!
Meaning: I will live for a long time. Therefore, be good to me.

The next two submitted by Thomas Forster
Haas dead an' cow fat story.
Horse dead and cow fat.
Meaning: Refers to a convoluted and improbable story; tall tales.
"My aunt use to fire off that phrase when her children would come in with weak lies and excuses to wheedle out of work or trouble: As in "No come to me with yu hass dead and cow fat story."

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Wen chikin merry, hawk ketch an befo daylite.
When a chicken is merry, a hawk will soon devour him before day light.
Meaning: Your joy may be short-lived if you are too careless.