Radio Communications Electronics
Belize Communications & Security, Ltd., Motorola 2-way & net   [email protected]
Tenchtronics Communications, network, 2-way, alarm systems      [email protected]            
Radio and Television Broadcasting
Broadcasting Corporation of Belize                                               [email protected]
Caribena Enterprises TV Cable, Satellite TV systems SPo,AC      [email protected]
Channel 5 Belize - Great Belize Productions                                 [email protected]    
Love FM Radio                                                                           [email protected]
My Refuge Christian Radio                                                   [email protected] 
Tropical Vision                                                                             [email protected]
Venus TV Cable, San Ignacio                                                      [email protected]
Real Estate Appraisal
Realbase Consulting,Inc.                                          [email protected]
Realtors and Property Management
Allen Deeks Realty                                                  [email protected]
Ambergris Caye Combined Reators' Website
Belize Land Consultants, Ltd./Consejo Shores [email protected]
Belize Real Estate/W.Ford Young R.E.                    [email protected]    
Belize Property Management Co.                            [email protected]
Belize Online Listings                                                         
Belstate Realtors, Ltd. Belmopan                            [email protected]

Caye Management, San Pedro Town, A.C.             [email protected] 
Corozal Free Trade Zone Development, Ltd.           [email protected]
Corozal Free Trade Zone Management                    [email protected]
Diane Campbell, Realtor                                          [email protected]    
Eco-Secure Real Estate                                            [email protected]   
Emerald Futures Real Estate                                    [email protected]
Florasol listing                                                         [email protected]   
Holiday Lands, Ltd., Ambergris Caye                     [email protected]
John B. Realtors , Placencia                        [email protected]
Management Enterprise Services                             [email protected]
Neal Calvin, Realtor                                                [email protected]
Paradise Realty                                                       [email protected]
Pelican Realty, San Pedro Town, A.C.                    [email protected]

Playa de Piratas Properties, Placencia                      [email protected]
Real Estate Classified Ads Listings                                                 
Reef Village, Ambergris Caye                                  [email protected] 
Regent Realty, Ltd.                                                  [email protected]    
Ridge Lagoon Estates                                              [email protected]
Southwind Properties, San Pedro, A.C.                   [email protected]
Sunrise Realty, San Pedro, A.C.                              [email protected]   
Sunset Beach Resort, San Pedro, A.C. - single site, condos               
Triton Properties, Ltd. San Pedro, A.C.                   [email protected]      
Tropical Land Real Estate                                        [email protected]
Vista del Mar, Ladyville                                          [email protected]  
Restaurants and Bars
Ambergris Delight Restaurant                                 [email protected]
The Boatyard, San Pedro Town, A.C.                   [email protected]
Cafe Ole', San Pedro Town, A.C.                          [email protected] 
Cannibal Cafe, San Pedro Town, A.C.                  [email protected]
Capricorn, Ambergris Caye                                   [email protected] 
Diner, The,  Orange Walk Town                            [email protected]
Elvi's Kitchen, San Pedro Town, A.C.                    [email protected]  
Fido's Courtyard, San Pedro Town, A.C.              [email protected]        
Fiesta Inn Reef Restaurant, Belize City                                              
Fort Street Restaurant, Belize City                          [email protected]      
Franco's at Luba Hati                                             [email protected]  
Green Parrot, Ambergris Caye                               [email protected]
Hideaway, San Pedro Town, A.C.                         [email protected]
Island Cuisine, San Pedro Town, A.C.                   [email protected] 
JB's Watering Hole, Belmopan                               [email protected]     
J.Byrd's Bar and Gift Shop, Placencia                    [email protected]
Jade Garden, San Pedro Town, A.C.                     [email protected]   
La Margarita, San Pedro Town, A.C.                    [email protected]  
Lily's, San Pedro Town, AC                                  [email protected]        
Little Italy, San Pedro Town, A.C.                         [email protected]
Mangos Restaurant                                                [email protected]
Oceanside Bar & Restaurant, C.Caulker               [email protected] 
Palapa Bar, Ambergris Caye north                        [email protected]
Pattie's Bar & Beach, C. Caulker                          [email protected] 
PelicanBeachSchoolofCaribbeanCookery,Dangriga  [email protected]                         
Pickled Parrot Bar & Grill, Placencia                     [email protected]
Ramon's, San Pedro Town, AC                             [email protected]    
Reggae Rage Restaurant, San Pedro Town, AC     [email protected]     
Rendezvous Restaurant, Ambergris Caye north       [email protected]   
Running W Steakhouse, San Ignacio                      [email protected]   
San Pedro Holiday, San Pedro, AC                       [email protected]    
Sharks Bar & Restaurant, San Pedro Town, AC    [email protected]  
Sweet Basil, Ambergris Caye                                [email protected]
Tropica Beach Restaurant and Bar                        [email protected]
Victoria House                                                     [email protected]     
Restaurant, Hotel and Bar Supplies
Concession and Bar Supplies, BelizeCity,SanPedro,AC  [email protected]
HRI Express, Belmopan                                                 [email protected]
Screen Printers
Advance Advertising Ideas                                     [email protected]
Special F-X, plus engraving, signmaking, &c.          [email protected]
Sea Food Producers, Exporters (see also Aquaculture)
Northern Fishermen's Cooperative Society, Ltd.     [email protected]
hShipping Agents
Air & Sea, Inc., freight consolidators, export brkr,  [email protected]
Belize Estate Co., Ltd, Harrison,Hapag.P&O,&c.  [email protected] 
Belize Shipping Agency, Ltd., Concord                  [email protected]
Belize Transportation Services                                [email protected]   
Eurocaribe Shipping Ltd., Agents, Steved.,Custod. [email protected]
Shipping - Incountry
Krystal Shipping Co., San Pedro Town, A.C.        [email protected]
Neon Plastics                                                        [email protected]
Special F-X, plus engraving, screen printing, &c.    [email protected]
Burrell-Burrell Associates                                      [email protected]
Timber Products
Belize Timber, Ltd., primary/secondary hardwood veneer  [email protected]
Tobacco Products
Caribbean Tobaco, Ltd.                                      [email protected]
Travel Agencies, Tours, Field Instruction
Agouti Travel & Tours                                         [email protected]
Amigo Travel                                                       [email protected]
Belize Global Travel Services Ltd.                        [email protected]
Belize Store 2000.Com                                        [email protected]
Belize Tourist Board, quasi-government marketing agency  [email protected]                                             
Belize Tradewinds                                                [email protected]     
Belize Travel                                                        [email protected]
Belize Travel Adventures, Ltd.                              [email protected]
Belize Trec, marine biology student field groups     [email protected]
Belizean Journeys, virtual tour of Belize sights online                        
Caribbean Cruiser, local cruise SanPedroAC       [email protected]
Caribbean Holidays, Ltd.                                      [email protected]
Close Encounters                                                  [email protected]
Discovery Expeditions Belize, Ltd.                        [email protected]
Dolphin Bay Travel                                               [email protected]
Global Adventure Tours                                        [email protected]
Herman Smith, Ph.D. Archaeology Fieldtrips         [email protected]
Hustler Tours, San Pedro Town,. A.C.                  [email protected]              www.belize1.hustler
ICB Travel & Tours                                              [email protected]
Innovative Watersport, San Pedro Town, AC        [email protected]
International Archaeological Tours                         [email protected]    
International Expeditions                                        [email protected]
International Zoological Expeditions             
Island Expeditions                                       [email protected]
Jaguar Adventure Tours                                         [email protected]
Jungle Sea Ventures, Ltd.                                      [email protected]
Kevin Modera Guide Service, Placencia                [email protected]
Lamanai Field Research Centre                              [email protected]    
Magnum Belize                                           [email protected]
Maya Travel Services, Ltd.                                    [email protected]
Mayaland Tours & Travel Ltd.                               [email protected] 
Melmish Mayan & Eco Tours                                [email protected] 
Out Island Divers / Offshore Express, Amb.Caye   [email protected]    
Pelican Beach Resort field station, custom trips       [email protected]     
Phoenix Travel Services, Chinese spoken              [email protected]
Prgrmme.forBelizeTropicalForest&MarineBioCourse  [email protected]  
Reef's End Lodge,seminars geology, biology, &c.   [email protected]
Reefcrawl                                                              [email protected]      
Requena's Charter Services, Punta Gorda         [email protected]       
Royal Piper Tours, San Pedro, AC                   [email protected]
S & L Travel & Tours, Ltd.                                  [email protected]  
Safari, Ltd.                                                           [email protected]
SeaBelize, San Pedro, A.C.                                  [email protected]
Searious Adventures, San Pedro, A.C.                 [email protected] 
Slickrock Adventures                               [email protected]
Sol Caribe Expeditions, San Pedro, A.C.             [email protected]  
Star Tours Belize                                                  [email protected]
Tambo Tours                                                       [email protected]
Toadal Adventures, Placencia                          [email protected]
Toledo Eco-Tourism Association                          [email protected]       
Toledo Tour Guide Association                                                     
Tour de Fours, San Pedro, A.C.                          [email protected]
Travel & Tour Belize Ltd.                                     [email protected]
Travellers Palm                                                     [email protected]  
Triple J Boating                                                    [email protected]    
Tropic Horizon Travel & Sea Horse Guides, Placencia  [email protected]
Tropic Tours/Tanisha Tours, San Pedro, A.C.      [email protected]     
Tropical Education Centre, at Belize Zoo              [email protected]
Tropical Field Studies Belize (marine ecology student groups)    [email protected]    
Tubroos Tree Adventures                                     [email protected]
Universal Travel Services                                     [email protected]
Watershed: Following the Path of the Rain Gods   [email protected]
Winnie Estelle, interisland cruise w/snorkeling   [email protected]
Trucking and Hauling
Belize Engineering Company, Ltd.                          [email protected]
Video Production
Bel-Caribe Company, Ltd.                                    [email protected]
Emory King, Official Film Commissioner                [email protected]                  
Great Belize Production                                         [email protected]                 
Satieo Belize                                                          [email protected]
Tropical Vision                                                      [email protected]
Xmedia                                                                  [email protected]
Water Heating & Treatment
Robert Nicolait & Associates, Ltd.                        [email protected]
Water Taxi - Scheduled and Charter
Requena Water Taxi Service                                 [email protected]               
Triple J                                                                 [email protected]                     
X-Ray Imaging, Medical
Belize Diagnostic Centre, + CT, Ultrasound           [email protected]
Universal Health Services Co., Ltd.                       [email protected]
The Belize Zoo                                                     [email protected]