Hotels and Resorts
Ambergris Caye / San Pedro Town
Agape House                                                               [email protected]
Alijua Hotel                                                                  [email protected]        [email protected]
Banana Beach                                                              [email protected]
Banyan Bay                                                                  [email protected]
Barrier Reef Hotel                                                        [email protected]

Belize Tradewinds Paradise                                          [email protected]
Belize Yacht Club Resort                                              [email protected]
Belizean Reef Luxury Suites                                          [email protected]
Captain Morgan's Retreat                                  [email protected]
Capricorn Resort                                                          [email protected]   
Caribbean Villas Hotel                                                [email protected]
Caribe Island Resort                                                     [email protected]
Casa Caribe Hotel                                                        [email protected]
Casa Hideaway                                                            [email protected]
Casa Manana                                                               [email protected]
Casa Solana                                                                 [email protected]
Casa Tortuga                                                                                           

Caye Management Private Vacation Homes              [email protected]
Caye Villas ([email protected], rental agent)                                                                 
Cayo Espanto (private island near Amb.Caye)         [email protected]
Changes in Latitudes Bed'n'Breakfast                            [email protected]  

Coco Caye Villa                                                                                      
Coconuts Hotel                                                            [email protected] 
Conch Shell Inn                                                            [email protected]
Coral Bay Villas                                                           [email protected]
Coral Beach Hotel                                                        [email protected]
Corona del Mar                                                            [email protected]

El Pescador                                                                  [email protected]   
Emerald Reef Suites                                                      [email protected]
Essene Way Retreat                                                      [email protected]
Green Parrot Resort                                                      [email protected]
Hideaway Hotel                                                            [email protected]
Hotel del Rio                                                                 [email protected]
Iguana Gardens Apartment                                            [email protected]
Journey's End Resort                                                     [email protected]    
Lily's Hotel                                                                    [email protected]  
Los Encantos Villas                                                       [email protected]
Mata Chica Resort                                                        [email protected]
Mata Rocks Resort                                                       [email protected]
Mayan Princess                                                             [email protected]
Mayas Katut Resort                                                      [email protected] 
Oasis del Mar                                                               [email protected]
Palms Condo Suites                                                      [email protected]
Paradise Resort Hotel                                                   [email protected]
Paradise Villas Condos (Beachfront Suites units)           [email protected]  
Paradise Villas Condos (Caye Mgmt. units)                  [email protected]
Paradise Villas Condos  (Amigo Mgmt. units)            [email protected]  
Paradise Villas Conds (Tradewinds units)                         [email protected]
Playador Hotel                                                              [email protected]
Ramon's Village                                                            [email protected]
Rendezvous House                                                       [email protected]
Rock's Inn                                                                    [email protected] 
Royal Palm Villas                                                          [email protected]
Ruby's Hotel                                                                 [email protected] 
San Pedrano Hotel                                                        [email protected]
San Pedro Holiday Hotel                                              [email protected]
Sands Hotel                                                                 [email protected]  
Sea Breeze                                                   [email protected]
Seven Seas Hotel                                                         [email protected]
Spindrift Resort Hotel                                                   [email protected]
Sunbreeze Hotel                                                           [email protected]
Sunset Beach Resort                                                     [email protected]
Tides                                                                            [email protected]
Tropica Beach Resort                                                   [email protected]
Victoria House                                                              [email protected]
White Sands Cove                                                        [email protected]
Xanadu Island Resort                                                    [email protected]

Belize City
A Roseville Stay Apartments & Guest House                  [email protected]
Belize Biltmore Hotel                                                      [email protected]
Belize River Lodge Ltd.                                                  [email protected]
Bellevue Hotel                                                                [email protected]     
Chateau Caribbean                                                         [email protected]
Colton House Guest House                                 [email protected]      Info:
Embassy Hotel, Bz. Int'l Airport                                      [email protected]
Fort Street Guest House                                                 [email protected]   
Great House                                                       [email protected]      
Hotel Mopan                                                      [email protected]     
Moho Caye, Marina and Yacht Club                              [email protected]
Princess Hotel and Casino                                          [email protected]
Radisson Fort George Hotel and Marina                         [email protected]
Tropical Education Center at Belize Zoo, dorms             [email protected]
Villa Boscardi Bed & Breakfast                                      [email protected]
Warrie Head Ranch & Lodge                                        [email protected]
Banana Bank Lodge                                                     [email protected]        
Belmopan Hotel, adjacent to Capitol, sw. pool, a/c                                 
Jaguar Paw Jungle Resort                                             [email protected]
JB's Watering Hole                                   [email protected]
Pook's Hill Resort                                                        [email protected]
Benque Viejo del Carmen, Cayo Dist.
Mopan River Resort                                                     [email protected]
Blackbird Caye
Blackbird Caye Resort                                       [email protected]
Turneffe Flats Lodge                                                         [email protected]  
Caye Caulker
Anchorage Resort                          [email protected]
Belize Odyssey Resort                                                     [email protected]   

Iguana Reef Hotel                                                            [email protected]  
Seaview Hotel                              [email protected]      
Shirley's Guest House                                                      [email protected]
Tree Tops Hotel                                                              [email protected]                                                     
Trends/Trends Beachfront Hotels     [email protected]
Tropical Paradise Hotel                    [email protected]
Vega Inn and Gardens                              [email protected]                            
Chaa Creek Cottages & Inland Expeditions                     [email protected]     [email protected]
Crystal Paradise Resort                                                   [email protected] 
Ek' Tun Resort                                                                 [email protected]
Howler Monkey Lodge                                                    [email protected]
Maya Mountain Lodge & Tours                %[email protected]
Pacz Hotel & Tours                                                         [email protected] 
Parrot Nest Jungle Lodge                                                [email protected]     
Royal Mayan Resort & Spa, Xunantunich area                 [email protected]
Warrie Head Ranch and Lodge                                        [email protected]
Casablanca by the Sea, Consejo Village                          [email protected]
Hok'ol K'in Guest Lodge                                                  [email protected]
Tony's Inn & Beach Resort                                             [email protected]  
Crooked Tree
Bird's Eye Lodge                                                            [email protected]
Chau Hiix Lodge                                                            [email protected]
Dangriga,  Stann Creek District
Beaches and Dreams, Hopkins Village                [email protected]
Hopkins Inn bed & breakfast, Hopkins Village    [email protected]
Jaguar Reef Lodge, Hopkins Village                    [email protected]
Jungle Jeanie's, Hopkins Village                           [email protected]  
Lillpat Sitee River Fishing Resort                         [email protected]    
Sandy Beach Lodge                                            [email protected]
Sittee Point Vacation Cabana                              [email protected]
Tipple Tree Beya, Hopkins Village                        [email protected]  
Gales Point, Dangriga
Manatee Lodge                      contact through:  [email protected]
The Shores                                               [email protected]  
White Ridge Inn                                               [email protected]
Gallon Jug (northwest Belize)
Chan Chich Lodge                                             [email protected]
Glovers Atoll
Manta Resort                                                     [email protected] 
Light House Reef
Light House Reef Resort                                                [email protected]   [email protected]
Little Water Caye
Little Water Caye Resort                                               [email protected]
Maruba Resort & Jungle Spa                                          [email protected]
Mountain Pine Ridge, Cayo District
Blancaneaux Lodge                                                   [email protected]
Five Sisters Falls & Lodge                                         [email protected]
Hidden Valley Inn                                                      [email protected]
Mountain Equestrian Trails                                  [email protected]
Pine Ridge Lodge                                               [email protected]
Orange Walk
D-Victoria Hotel                                                        [email protected]  
Bahia Laguna Beach Resort                                           [email protected]
Barracuda & Jaguar Inn                                                 [email protected]
Blue Crab Resort                                                          [email protected] 
Carol's Cabanas                                                            [email protected]
Coconut Cottage                                                                                
Conrad & Lydia's Rooms                                              [email protected]
Cozy Corner Hotel                                                        [email protected]
Deb & Dave's Last Resort                                             [email protected]
Green Parrot Beach Houses                                           [email protected]
Kitty's Place                                                                   [email protected]  
Little Water Caye                                                           [email protected]
Luba Hati Resort                                                            [email protected]
Lydia's Rooms                                                               [email protected]
Maya Beach Hotel                                                         [email protected]
Miller's Landing                                                              [email protected]
Monkey House                                                              [email protected]
Nature's Glow Resort                                                     [email protected] 
Nautical Inn                                                                    [email protected]
Placencia Lagoon Resort                                      
Ranguana Lodge                                                            [email protected]
Rum Point Inn                                                      [email protected]
Seaspray Hotel                                                              [email protected]
Serenade Island Resort & Guest House                          [email protected]
Serenity Resort                                                              [email protected]
Singing Sands                                                                [email protected] 
Soulshine Resort                                                            [email protected]
Sonny's Resort                                                               [email protected]     
The Inn at Robert's Grove                                              [email protected]  
Tradewinds Hotel                                                          [email protected]
Turtle Inn                                                                       [email protected]
Westwind Hotel                                                             [email protected]
X-Cape                                                                         [email protected]
Punta Gorda
Mahung's Hotel & Grocery Store                                                         
Nature's Way Guest House                                            [email protected]
Sea Front Inn                                                                [email protected]
St. Georges Key
Cottage Colony Resort                                                    [email protected]     
St. George's Lodge                                                         [email protected]
San Ignacio, Cayo District
Aguada Hotel & Restaurant, Santa Elena                        [email protected]
Barton Creek Farms, Ltd.                                               [email protected]
Black Rock Lodge                                                         [email protected]
Caesar's Place Guest House                                           [email protected]
Cahal Pech Village                                                    [email protected]
Central Hotel                                                             [email protected]

Duplooy's Jungle Lodge                                             [email protected]
Graceland Ranch                                                       [email protected]
Green Heaven Lodge                                     [email protected]
Lamanai Outpost Lodge                                            [email protected]     
Log Cab-Inns                                                            [email protected]
Martha's Guest House                                               [email protected]
Maya Mountain Lodge                                  [email protected]
Midas Tropical Resort                                               [email protected]
Piache Hotel                                                    %[email protected] 
Rose's Guest House, Santa Elena/Cahal Pech                                 
San Ignacio Resort Hotel                                           [email protected]
Venus Hotel                                                              [email protected]
Windy Hill Resort                                                      [email protected]
Southwater Caye
Blue Marlin Lodge                                                 [email protected]     
International Expeditions Lodge & Cottages           [email protected] 
Pelican Beach Resort                                             [email protected]
Spanish Lookout Caye
Spanish Bay Resort                                               [email protected]
Stann Creek
Blue Marlin Lodge                                              [email protected]      
Pelican Beach Resort                                          [email protected]
Tobacco Caye
Gaviota Reef Resort                                        [email protected]          
Reef's End Lodge                                            [email protected]
Arvin's Landing                                                                                        
Bob's Paradise, Monkey River Town area                [email protected]
Partridge Camp Grounds                                                                          
Turneffe Island Lodge, Caye Bokel                          [email protected]