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United States Embassy to Belize Website                               [email protected]
Diving (See also Fishing Charters, Tours)
Adventures in Watersports, San Pedro Town, A.C.    [email protected]
Afonso "li'l Alfonse" Graniel, San Pedro, A.C.     [email protected]
Amigos del Mar, San Pedro Town, A.C.                     [email protected]
AquaDives Belize, Ltd. San Pedro Town, A.C.            [email protected]  
Aquatic Adventures, Placencia                                    [email protected]
Blue Hole Dive Center, San Pedro Town, A.C.           [email protected]  
Blue Water Belize Diving, Hopkins Village, Dangriga                                      
Belize Dive Center                                                      [email protected]                                                 
Belize Dive Connection                                               [email protected]   BelizeDivingSvcs,C.Caulker  .                              [email protected] 
Belize Yacht Club Dive Center                             [email protected]
Blue Marlin Lodge. Stann Creek                                                                 
BlueWaterDiversCo,Ltd,CCaulker                            [email protected]
Bottom Time Dive Shop, San Pedro,AC                   [email protected]
Coral Beach Diving, San Pedro, AC                         [email protected]         
Elbert Greer,San Pedro Town, A.C.                         [email protected]
Excalibur Tours, San Pedro Town, A.C.                   [email protected] 
Fantasea Diving, Ambergris Caye                             [email protected]  
Frenchie's Dive Service, Caye Caulker                     [email protected]  
Gaz Cooper's Dive Belize, San Pedro Town,AC         [email protected]          
Hugh Parkey's Dive Connection, Amb.Caye, Bz.City                               
Hustler Tours, San Pedro Town,. A.C.                        [email protected]               www.belize1.hustler
Larry Parker's Reef Divers, Ambergris Caye               [email protected]  
Lighthouse Reef Resort Dive Shop, Lighthouse Reef    [email protected]
Manta Resort Dive Shop                                             [email protected]
Mario & Son Guiding Services,SanPedroTown,AC.    [email protected]
Nautical Inn Diving, Placencia                                     [email protected]
Out Island Divers / Offshore Express, Amb.Caye        [email protected] 
Paradise Dive Center, San Pedro Town, A.C.             [email protected]
Patojo's Scuba Center, San Pedro Town, A.C.           [email protected]    
Placencia Dive Shop                                                   [email protected]     
Ramon's Reef Resort Dive Shop                                  [email protected]
Reef's End Lodge, Tobacco Caye                                                      
Rum Point Divers, Placencia                                        [email protected]   
Seahorse Dive Shop, Placencia                                   [email protected]
Second Nature Divers, Southwater Caye                                            
Sol Caribe Expeditions, San Pedro Town, Amb.Caye [email protected]
Star Tours Belize                                                        [email protected]
The Living Reef Dive Centre, Glover's Reef         [email protected]
Turneffe Flats Diving, Blackbird Caye                                                  
Druggists and Pharmacies
Community Drug Stores, 5 locations in Belize City                       [email protected]
Lopez Drug Store, San Pedro Town, A.C.                                  [email protected]
Drugs and Pharmaceuticals - Importers
Bradley's Imports                                                                        [email protected]
Drugs Wholesale Depot                                                              [email protected]
Electric Generation, Bulk
Belize Electric Company, Ltd. (BECOL), Mollejon hyrdoelectric station    [email protected]   [email protected]
Belize Electricity, Limited                                                            [email protected] 
Electrical Parts and Repairs
Wally's Electrical Shop, San Pedro Town, A.C.                          [email protected]  
Electronic Equipment & Repairs
Engino Electronic, Ltd.                                                                 [email protected] / [email protected]
Sigertronic Systems                                                            
Skylink electronics, tvs, monitors, CD players, etc. install/repair    [email protected]
Alpha-Braxon Engineering, Ltd.                                                   [email protected]
Anthony Thurton & Associates, Ltd., arch. & eng.                        [email protected]
Associated Engineering Service, Ltd.                                            [email protected]
Burrell-Burrell Associates, architects, engineers, sureyors, etc.      [email protected]
Calmaquip Engineering Corporation                                              [email protected]
Mitchell Moody Associates Architects/Engineers                           [email protected]
Mivan Engineering                                                                        [email protected]
Professional Engineering Services, Ltd., Consulting/Civil                [email protected]
Wolric H. Lind Associates, Architects, Engineers, Mgmt.Conslt.    [email protected]
American Power Systems, Gas/Diesel, electrical generators     [email protected]
Power Plus, Ltd., Evinrude, Briggs&Stratton, McCulloch        [email protected]
Express Delivery Services
Aeropost Courier Service                                                   [email protected]
Belize Business Development                                              [email protected]
DHL Worldwide Express                                                   [email protected]
FedEx                                                                                [email protected]
Management Enterprise Services                                        [email protected]
Silvermoon, Ltd., local and international services                 [email protected]
Trans-Express                                                                    [email protected]
Feed Wholesalers and Manufacturers
Belize Mills, Ltd.                                                                 [email protected]
Power Plus Ltd., Ralston Purina                                          [email protected]  
Finance and Trust (also see Banks, Professional Services, Offshore Services)
Belize Trust Company                                                                  [email protected]
BHI                                                                                             [email protected] 
Belize Investment Management Company, Ltd.(mortgage mgmt.)  [email protected]
Better Business Enterprise, Ltd.                                                    [email protected]
Caribbean Capital Corporation                                                     [email protected]
Development Finance Corporation                                                [email protected]
Home Construction Finance, Ltd., Belize '206', home construx.    [email protected]
Inter-American Development Bank                                                [email protected]
San Pedro Credit Union                                                                [email protected]
Fishing Guides, Charters (see also Diving, Tours)
Belize River Lodge, The Christiana, Belize City                  [email protected]
Blue Marlin Lodge, Stann Creek                                                                
Bob's Paradise, Monkey River, Toledo                        [email protected]   
Captain Tom's Caribbean Charters, SanPedroTown, A.C. [email protected]
Cristina, The, 58' Hatteras                                           %[email protected] 
El Pescador Fishing and Beach Resort, Ambergris Caye     [email protected]
Freedom Tours, Ambergris Caye, & diving, sightseeing  [email protected]
Innovative Watersport, & diving, booking other guides,  [email protected]
Kevin Modera Guide Service, Placencia                        [email protected]
Kingfisher Angler Adventure                                        [email protected]
Lillpat Sitee River Fishing Resort, Dangriga                   [email protected]        
Mario & Son, Ambergris Caye, & diving                      [email protected]  
Reef's End Lodge, Tobacco Caye                                [email protected] g
Serenade Island Resort & Guest House                        [email protected]
Sol Caribe Expeditions, Ambergris Caye                      [email protected]
Turneffe Flats, Blackbird Caye                                     [email protected]         
Food Products (see also Agricultural Producers, Citrus, Fruit-Vegs-Produce)
Associated AG Ltd., export beans, citrus, shrimp, mahogany, sugar  [email protected]
Belize Food Products, Ltd.                                                       [email protected]
Belize Mills, Ltd. wheat, flour, animal feeds, aquaculture feeds   [email protected]
Belize Refrigeration, Ltd. frozen fruit juices, ice cream; MasterBilt eqpt. [email protected]
Belize Sugar Industries, Ltd.                                                      [email protected]
Benque Viejo Snack Co., Ltd., LUNA snacks - plantain,cassava,coco-yam chips, peanut snacks, etc. export  [email protected]
Cayo Tropical Fruits, Ltd.                                                         [email protected]
Food Depot, Inc.                                                                      [email protected]
Food, Limited, specialty habanero pepper products, export
G.Gongora & Sons, Ltd, Tutsi pack juices, Nimbus bot.wtr.     [email protected]
Marie Sharp's Hot Pepper Sauces                                                                        Info
Food Stores and Supermarkets
Brodies                                                                 [email protected]
Ro-Mac's                                                              [email protected]
San Pedrano Store, San Pedro Town, A.C.           [email protected]
Fruits, Vegetables, Produce (see also Citrus, Food Products)
Farm-to-U Foods                                                                      [email protected]
Fruta Bomba, Calcutta Village, Corazal, papaya export              [email protected]
Fyffes Group Ltd.                                                                      [email protected]
Tropical Produce Co., Ltd.                                                        [email protected]
Furniture,Cabinetry Manufacturers, Dealers
Beauty of Nature Gift Shop, mahogany chairs, art objects            [email protected]
Caribbean Gulf Interiors                                                              [email protected]
Dave's Furniture World, home & office, housewares, furnishings  [email protected]  
Hummingbird Rattan Furniture                                                     [email protected]
Jaguar Imports, Ltd, furniture manufacturer-exporter                    [email protected]
L.E.A.'s Furniture Shop, custom furniture, doors, windows, cabinetry  [email protected]  .               
New River Enterprises, Ltd., home & ofc., patio, doors, etc.        [email protected]
Belize Western Energy, Ltd.                                                         [email protected]
Belmont Butane Gas Service                                                        [email protected]
General Merchandise Stores
James Brodie & Company, Ltd.                                                    [email protected]
Mikado Store, specialty textiles, curtain, uniform, African materials [email protected]
Pete's Enterprises, San Pedro, AC - wholesale/retail sundries        [email protected]
Santino's, Ltd.                                                                               [email protected]
Venus Store, San Ignacio                                                              [email protected] 
Generators, Electric
American Power Systems, Kohler, Control, Isuzu,rnt/sell/svc.  [email protected]
Geological Consultants
Belize Minerals                                                                       [email protected]
S.J. Mazzullo, Ph.D                                                                [email protected]
Gifts and Crafts 
Amber Jewelry, San Pedro Town, AC                              [email protected]
Beauty of Nature Gift Shop,  & mahog.chairs                    [email protected]
Belize online gifts                                     [email protected]
Belize Audubon Society Giftshop                              
Belize Zoo Gift Shop                                    [email protected]  www.belizezoo,og/cgi-local/
Caesar's Place Gift Shop, San Ignacio                                          [email protected]
D & G's Custom Jewelry/Gift Shop, San Pedro Town, AC           [email protected]       
El PapagayoGift Shop (at Belize Bilmore Plaza, B.C.)                   [email protected]
Galleria Gift Shoppe, 2 locations Belize City                                 [email protected]
Go Tees Specialty T-Shirt & Gift Shop, B.C.                               [email protected]
J-Byrd's Gift Shop, Placencia                                                       [email protected]
Lauren Duty Free Stores Goldson Int'l Airp., Corzal FT Zone      [email protected]
            Diplomats Store, Belize City                                            [email protected]
Mahogany Chips Gift Shop, (at Radisson Ft.Geo Hotel, B.C.)      [email protected]
Mayan Secrets natural personal care, crafts, San Pedro & online  [email protected]
Sea Gal Gift Shop (Holiday Hotel San Pedro, A.C.)                     [email protected]
Tabony Industries, Ltd.                                                                [email protected]
Traffic Jam Gift Shop, San Pedro Town, A.C.                              [email protected]
Toucan Gift Shop                                                                        [email protected]
Glass - Plate, Window
Belize Glass Shop, doors, windows, repairs, emergencies, etc.      [email protected]
Fabro's Glass, Ltd.                                                                       [email protected]
Government of Belize
Customs Department                                           [email protected]
       Ministries and Offices email contact page                     
Guards and Security
AAA Security Services Corp., Ltd., guards, investigations, etc.                [email protected]
Home Improvement/Hardware
Agusto Quan, Ltd., tools, materials, solutions, paints, etc.            [email protected]
Benny's Home Center                                                                 [email protected]
EZ Supply Co., Independence                                                    [email protected]
Hofius, Ltd. Ace Hardware                                                         [email protected]
MASH Hardware, San Pedro, A.C. - gen.hdw.,lmbr,mats.         [email protected]
Wally's Electrical Shop, San Pedro Town, A.C.                          [email protected] 
William Quan, Ltd.                                                                     [email protected]
Belize Medical Associates Ltd. maternity, emergency, general       [email protected]