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Belize Development Email List
                                 Belize Business E-Mail and Website Directory
                                                    (Under Construction)

AME Consulting, Ltd., wide-range management services              [email protected]
Better Business Entrprises, Ltd.                                                    [email protected]  www.belizebusiness.com/offshore
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Chartered Accountants                        [email protected]                 www.deloittebelize.com
Flowers & Company                                                                    [email protected]  
KPMG Corporate Services                                                          [email protected]       www.kpmgbelize.com
Pannell Kerr Forster                                                                     [email protected]
Advance Advertising Ideas, screen printing, ad gifts, materials       [email protected]
Genesis Arts, graphic design, event coordination, printing              [email protected]
Kriol Gyal Prodokshans Ltd: Broadcast, Print, PR                        [email protected]
Neon Plastics, outdoor advertising, billboards, specialties              [email protected]
Triton Multi-Media, graphic art, desktop publishing, PR                [email protected]
Agricultural Consulting
Cardi Agricultural Research & Development                                 [email protected]
Agricultural Machinery
Belize Diesel & Eqpt. Co., tractors, electric generators                  [email protected]     www.belizediesel.com
Western Tractor Supply                                                                [email protected]
Zee Ice, Ltd., heavy agricultural/industrial machinery rental             [email protected]
Agricultural Producers (See also Citrus Fruit Products, Food Products, Fruit-Veg-Produce)
Caribbean Tobacco Company, Ltd.                                             [email protected]
HTA Bowman, Citrus Grower                                                     [email protected]
J.S. Espat, Ltd., citrus, cattle                                                        [email protected]
Palm Spring Farm                                                                        [email protected]
Agricultural Products & Services
Belize Marketing Board, quasi-governmental commodities marketer  [email protected]
Belize Minerals, dolomite production/sale                                     [email protected]
Farmers Feed Supply Co.                                                            [email protected]
Prosser Fertilizer Co.                                                                   [email protected]
Agriculture - Education
Belize College of Agriculture                                                         [email protected]
Air Conditioning
James Richie Airconditioning and Refrigeration, San Pedro,AC      [email protected] 
Magnatech Limited, a/c, refrigeration parts & equipment                [email protected]
Air Freight Service
American Airlines, Belize-Miami w/connections                                                              www.aa.com
Amerijet International Airlines international airfreight                                                        www.amerijet.com
Cargo Grupo Taca, international airfreight                                      [email protected]    www.grupotaca.com
Maya/Island Air, Belize domestic airfreight                                     [email protected]        www.belizenet.com/mayair.html
Tropic Air, Belize domestic airfreight                                              [email protected]       www.tropicair.com
American Airlines, Belize-Miami w/connections                                                              www.aa.com
Continental Airlines, Belize-Houston w/connections       [email protected]                   www.continental.com
Grupo Taca, Americas                                                  [email protected]            www.grupotaca.com
Maya/Island Air, Belize domestic                                  [email protected]        www.belize1.com/islandair/
Tropic Air, Belize domestic                                                           [email protected]       www.tropicair.com
                            direct to US agents                                           [email protected]
Air Products
Praxair, compressed industrial gases, hardware, Lincoln Electric, Harris    [email protected]       www.praxair.com
Alternative and Supplementary Therapies
Carlos Villatoro, N.D., San Pedro Town, AC: Chiropr., Acupunc., Therapeutic Msg. etc.          [email protected]
BedandBananas,ConsejoShores,C-zal,house,short rentals  [email protected] www.consejoshores.com/bedandbananas/
Shelika's Apartments, Placencia                                                         www.belizenet.com/shelika/
Appliances, Household and General
Appliance World                                                                          [email protected]
Midway Bargains, electrical, household, bicycles, etc.                    [email protected]
William Quan                                                                                [email protected]
Aquaculture/Mariculture Producers
Nova Companies (Bze) Ltd., shrimp farming, export                      [email protected]
Toledo Fish Farming Company, Ltd., shrimp & fish farming           [email protected] 
Aquarium Stock Exporters
Tropical Fish Exports                                                                    [email protected]
Anthony Thurton & Associates, Ltd., arch. & eng.                        [email protected]
Guerra Consulting Architects. design, appraisals, construction        [email protected]
Mitchell Moody Associates Architects/Engineers                           [email protected]
Polanco & Liva Architects                                                            [email protected]
Strukture Architects, Ltd., arch. supplies, design, supervision         [email protected]
T and T Architecture & Design, Benque Viejo                               [email protected]
Vicky R.Nelder, Architect/Landscape Arch. San Pedro, A.C.       [email protected]
Wolric H. Lind Associates, Architects, Engineers, Mgmt.Conslt.    [email protected]
Art Objects
Belize through the Looking Glass, photo catalogue online    [email protected]   www.belize1.com/fran
Eden Art, San Pedro Town, A.C.                                       [email protected]    www.belize1.com/eden
Carolyn Carr catalog of lim.ed.prints                                                               www.bananabank.com/ccarr.html
Iguana Jack's Island Originals, San Pedro, A.C. [email protected]  www.belize1.com/iguanajack
Marcos Arts, San Pedro Town, A.C.                 [email protected]
Papo's Gallery, A.C., Edwardo "Papo" Alamilla                      [email protected]   www.spybelize.com/papo/index.html
Vicki Evans, artist, art instructor, etc.                                             [email protected]
Art Supplies
Art Box Arts & Crafts, wholesale/retail                                         [email protected]
Automobile Dealers
Belize Diesel & Eqpt. Co., Ltd., Toyota                                        [email protected]         www.belizediesel.com
Belize Estate Company, Ltd., Ford, KIA, Asia                              [email protected]  www.fordglobal.com
Bravo, Ssang Yong, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep                                   [email protected]
JMA Motors, Ltd., Mitshbbishi, Suzuki                                         [email protected]
Santino's Limited, Nissan                                                              [email protected]
Auto Parts & Accessories
Belize Diesel & Eqpt. Co., Ltd.                                                    [email protected]          www.belizediesel.com
Belize Traders, Ltd.                                                                      [email protected]
Caribbean Tire Wholesale, Ltd., Spanish Lookout                        [email protected]                                                  
NAPA Auto Parts                                                                        [email protected]
JR's Auto Center, computer diagnostics, full range services           [email protected]     www.belizemall.com/jrauto
Santos Diaz & Sons, Ltd.                                                            [email protected]
Auto/ Golfcart Rental and Leasing
Belstate Realtors, Ltd. Belmopan                                                  [email protected]
Bravo Investments, Ltd.                                                                [email protected]
Budget, Suzukis & Mitsubishis, Car, Truck, Van                           [email protected]   www.budget-belize.com
Crystal Auto Rental Ltd., Cars, 4X4's, Vans                                 [email protected]        www.crystalbelize.com
Island Auto Golf Cart Rental, San Pedro Town, A.C.                    [email protected]
Jabiru Auto Rental, 4X4's                                                             [email protected]         www.belizeweb.com/jabiru
Jaguar EcoTours & Rental, Toyota Landcruisers                           [email protected]
JR's Auto Rental Ltd., Isuzu Trooper 4X4                        [email protected]   www.belizemall.com/jrauto
Lewis Auto Rental                                                            [email protected]   www.lewisautobelize.com
National InterRent                                                             [email protected]   www.belizenet.com/nationalcar.html
Pancho's Auto Rental                                                                                       www.belizenet.com/pancho 
Placencia Auto Rental, Placencia                                                  [email protected]
Thrifty Car Rental, Troopers, Trackers, Sidekicks, Samurais         [email protected]    http://www.btl.net
Tour Belize Auto Rental                                                               [email protected]
Auto Sales Online
Belize Wheels Magazine on-line                                                   www.belizewheels.com
Auto Service Stations
 One Stop Gas Station                                 [email protected]
Awnings and Canopies
Neon Plastics, sunbrellas, marine fabrics                                       [email protected]
La Popular Bakery, San Pedro Town, A.C.                                [email protected]  
Banks (See also Finance, Professional Services, Offshore Services)
Atlantic Bank,  Ltd.                                                                     [email protected]
Bank of Nova Scotia                                                                   [email protected]
Belize Bank                                                                                 sab@btl.net
     Main Branch                                                                          [email protected]
     Credit Cards                                                                          [email protected]
     Corporate Services                                                                [email protected]
     International division                                                               [email protected]
     Offshore Services Website                                                                                     www.bhiofs.com
Provident Bank & Trust of Belize, Ltd.                                        [email protected]     www.providentbelize.com
San Pedro Credit Union                                                              [email protected]
Beauty and Personal Care
Lyn's Massage, Swedish,Shiatsu.,Neuromusclar, more                                                www.Belize1.com/lyn
Maruba Resort & Jungle Spa                                          [email protected]                   www.maruba-spa.com
Mayan Secrets, natural balms, massage/herbal wrap   [email protected]    www.Belize1.com/mayansecrets
Nando's Store, cosmetics and appliances                        [email protected]
Bowen & Bowen, Ltd., Coca-cola (TM) Sodas,Beers,b.water    [email protected]
Pebco Belize, Ltd. Pepsi(TM) & 7-up(TM)                                 [email protected]
San Pedro Distributors, San Pedro Town, A.C.                           [email protected]
Stann Creek Distributors, Bowen & Bowen, Ltd.                        [email protected]
Midway Bargains, electrical, household, bicycles, etc.                    [email protected]
Quan's Trading Center                                                                  [email protected]
Blade Sharpening
William's Blade Sharpening Services                                              [email protected]
Boats, Ships, Cruise and Charter (see also Fishing, Diving, Tours)
Belize Aggressor Fleet                                                                  [email protected]       www.aggressor.com
Offshore Express                                       [email protected]                         www.ambergriscaye.com/coralbeach/index.html
Peter Hughes Diving - Wave Dancer          [email protected]         www.peterhughes.com/phwave/wavemain.htm
Peter Singfield Charters                              [email protected]                           www.ambergriscaye.com/reefcrawl
TMM Charters Belize                                [email protected]                         www.sailtmm.com/Belize/beaut2.htm
Windsong Charters, Ltd.                      [email protected]  www.windsongcharters.com
Winnie Estelle                                      [email protected]             www.ambergriscaye.com/winnieestelle
Boat Builders and Manufacturers
Fun Boats                                                    [email protected]   
Hustler, San Pedro Town, AC - custom       [email protected]
Book, Magazine Publishers and Sellers
Angelus Press, Limited,    online catalog                                   www.angeluspress.com
Belize Wheels Magazine and BWM online                               www.belizewheels.com
Cubola Productions                            [email protected]    www.belize1.com/cubola  www.belizebusiness.com/cubola
Equator Publications,Belize 1st mag.,guides/fax on Bze,Carib.  [email protected]  www.turq.com/belizefirst
ProduccionesdelaHamaca,CayeCaulker [email protected]  www.gocayecaulker.com/members/producciones
Bottled Water
Bowen & Bowen, Ltd., Coca-cola (TM) Sodas,Beers,b.water    [email protected]
Crystal Water, San Pedro Town, AC                                          [email protected]
G.Gongora & Sons, Ltd.,  Nimbus bottled.water                         [email protected] .
Building Materials and Components
Baraka, Ltd., steel framed homes and buildings, polystyrene       [email protected]
Belize Aggregates, Ltd., crushed stone, sands, fill                        [email protected]
Belize Timber, Ltd., primary/secondary hardwood veneer           [email protected]
Caribbean Traders, Ltd., Bijao Portland Cement                        [email protected]
Wood Depot, Belmopan, pressure treated wood products          [email protected]
Bus Lines and Transportation
Batty Bus Services, Ltd., schedule and charter                             [email protected]
Business, Industry, Trade Associations
Banana Growers Association                               [email protected]
Belize Free Zone Investors Association                [email protected]
Belize Game Fishing Association                                                   www.belizemall.com/bgfa
Belize Tourist Board (Government)                      [email protected]       www.travelbelize.org
Belize Tourism Industry Association                     [email protected]       www.btia.org
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     Caye Caulker                                                                          www.gocayecaulker.com
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     Cayo District                                                                            www.belizex.com
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           Lodgings Directory                                                      www.belizex.com/belize_lodging_cayo.htm
           Tour Guides Directory                                                 www.belizex.com/tour_oper.htm
           Transportation Directory                                             www.belizex.com/transportation.htm
     Placencia                                                                            www.placencia.com
           Accommodations Directory (comprehensive)          www.placencia.com/service.html#acc
Toledo Eco-Tourism Association                                       [email protected]  www.plenty.org/TEA.html
Butterfly Farms
Blue Morpho Butterfly Center, Chaa Creek Cottages               [email protected]       www.belizenet.com/chaacreek.html
Tropical Wings Nature Center                                                  [email protected]      www.tbcnet.com/dyaeger/susa/tropwing.htm
Caribbean Gulf Interiors                                                             [email protected]
Graniels Cabinet Shop, San Pedro Town                                    [email protected]
Carpet Care Plus +, carpet, upholstery, tiles cleaning & care        [email protected]
The Palace, San Pedro Town, A.C.                                                                        www.belize1.com/palace
Princess Hotel and Casino                                    [email protected]                      www.fiestainnbelize.com

Chamber of Commerce
Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry                              [email protected]            www.belize.org
     Business Directory Search      www.belize.org/cgi-local/db.cgi?db=default&uid=default&view_search=1
Citrus Industry  (See also Agricultural Producers, Food Products, Fruit-Veg-Produce)
Barton Creek Farms, Ltd.                                                          [email protected]
Belize Food Product, Ltd.                                                           [email protected]
Cayo Tropical Fruits, Ltd.                                                           [email protected]           www.bighjuices.com
Citrus Company of Belize, Ltd.                                                    [email protected]
Citrus Growers Association                                                         [email protected]
Citrus Research & Education Institute                                          [email protected]     www.citripro.org.bz
National Sand and Gravel                                                            [email protected]
Toledo Eco-Tourism Association                                                 [email protected]     www.plenty.org/TEA.html
Cleaning Compounds
James Brodie & Co., Ltd., SC Johnson products                         [email protected]
Computer/DataProcessing Services/Equipment/Supplies
Belize Screen Savers -- download a Belize scene screensaver                                  www.trphoto.com
Belize SYScomp Advanced Systems & Computers, Ltd.            [email protected]  www.syscompbelize.com

Beta Technologies, hardware,software,training,consultancy,etc.    [email protected]
Business Computer Systems                                                        [email protected]
Computech Services, Ltd.                                                           [email protected]
Computer Atoll, San Pedro Town, AC                                        [email protected]
Computers & Communications Con.                                           [email protected]
Fultec Systems, banking, cheque processing, audiovisual,etc.       [email protected]
Julian's World Computer Repair, San Pedro Town, A.C.            [email protected]     www.belize1.com/julian
Rick Carr Computer Services, San Pedro Town, A.C.                [email protected]
Robert Nicolait & Associates, Ltd., computer power protex.       [email protected]
Sigertronic Systems, wide range hardware & software services    [email protected]  www.sigertronic.com
Construction Equipment, Materials and Supplies
Baraka, Ltd., steel framed construction, styrofoam, insulation       [email protected]
Caribbean Traders, Ltd., Bijao Portland Cement                         [email protected]
Collet Maheia, soils, aggregates, fills, redi-mix, cement, etc.         [email protected]
Gentrac Construction Equipment                                                [email protected]
MASH Hardware, San Pedro, A.C. - gen.hdw.,lmbr,mats.         [email protected]
National Sand and Gravel, Belmopan                                         [email protected] 
Pine Lumber Co.                                                                        [email protected]
Contractors, General
Campbell Covintec, San Pedro Town, A.C.                               [email protected]
Cisco Construction, incl. roadways, earthmoving, surfacing         [email protected]
DSA, Ltd., dredging, San Pedro Town, A.C.                             [email protected]
Graniel's Const. Co., San Pedro Town, A.C.                              [email protected]             http://Belize1.com/graniels/
The Bella Vista Group                                                                [email protected]          www.vistamar.com
Medina's Construction, Ltd.                                                        [email protected]  
Copying Machines and Supplies
Associated Engineering Services, Ltd., xerox(TM) sale/svc.                                            www.xerox.com
Customs Brokers
SAVCO, also courier service                                                          [email protected]
Silvermoon Services International, Ltd.,incl.wide-range services       [email protected]