Presence of H1N1 Confirmed in Northern Belize

The H1N1 flu virus has been detected to Belize. After causing more than 6 deaths in Quintana Roo, three positive cases have been detected in the Corozal District.
The Central Medical Lab confirms that the cases comprise two males who recently travelled to Merida, while the third is a pregnant female who lives in Chetumal.

The positive tests were received this afternoon and the Ministry of health says it has activated its Northern Regional and National Surveillance Teams to immediately start managing these cases and to plan next steps forward.

A release says Ministry of Health will continue to monitor the situation and advise as new cases may arise. And while the Ministry is giving public assurances, it may be reacting late, because - form earlier this month - Quintana Roo was reporting more than 20 cases and 6 deaths. At that time, no public advisory was sent out by Belize's Ministry - even though Belizeans travel to Quintana Roo frequently.

H1N1 is a strain of influenza which emerged in 2009 and was referred to at the time as swine flu.