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Thread: Berne Velasquez- LIFE AFTER DEPORTATION -Belize

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    Berne Velasquez- LIFE AFTER DEPORTATION -Belize



    He was born in Belize and grew up in South Central Los Angeles, but after 23 years in the USA he was deported.On his way back to America travelling with his green card, feeling all executive and everything I am held at Miami International by Homeland Security for a sting that they were doing because of 9/11 so I got caught up in the whole thing and next thing you know I am actually getting deported and being held and detained by Homeland Security for ten months. So here I am now turning it into a positive and that is what I am doing. Its been 10 years since Berne Velasquez deportation to Belize and the entertainer have used his deportation as a springboard launching his career to new hights.Berne released a CD and DVD entitled “Life After Deportation.” 9 years ago, -Its a documentary he began filming before he actually knew he'd be deported.
    He has landed minor and major roles in four international movies, filmed in Belize. Music, however, remains Berne’s passion and he has released a steady stream of works since his first album that propelled him into the consciousness of Belizean music lovers.
    He went on to detail the many projects that he has successfully undertaken since Life After Deportation, his signature release from which everything else flowed.After Life After Deportation, I did The Evolution, and both of those projects come with CDs and DVDs, so those can be looked at as four projects,’ Berne said.
    “After the Evolution, I did Celebration Time, I did Change the Game, after that I did Destination Belize at the Museum of Culture. Then I did Delle and Delle Reloaded which is a remix of the original,” he said.
    Berne said that he has been back in Belize for 10 years, “and during that ten years, I did ten projects.”
    Berne explained that in Broken Dreams, you might see a performance in which he is performing in front of 80,000 people.He went on to describe one incident in Mexico City: “I was selling my CDs and there is so much crowds around me, that the police think I am creating danger, I am a threat. They can’t control this crowd with two officers. So I am responsible for that, and they need to take me away for that. So I was hauled away in the back of a police truck.“These are actually things that happened, so you will see these things in the film,” Berne said.“Broken Dreams’ message is that if you want something bad enough sometimes we got to change the world around us”, Berne said. “I invested in LADFAR, which means Life After Deportation Film and Records, which is my own production company.”

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    Berne Velasquez LIFE AFTER DEPORTATION Belize

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