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Thread: Buenos dias from Belize!

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    Mar 2010

    Buenos dias from Belize!

    Good morning everyone....

    It has been a long time since i have visited this site. Would like to say 'hello' to everyone especially the long time residents...bzegirl, mosquitorose, belizean aka surfer, dream babes, mellowman, maddarass (he still deh bout?), and other quarrelsome cruffy...

    I would like to say that being back in Belize I had the pleasure of finally meeting, Tim Sheppard aka Buzzard who has now gone to rest in peace....

    Anyway, it would be good to have that link up once again, however, most people are into facebook, twitter or instagram now....

    Have a nice day..... (under 10 grams)

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    Dec 2007
    Antelope Valley
    Cas... I need a growing license in Belize... We grow legally in L.A..... Man di dead tu rass, life short nonh rass... Sorry bout Ryan man... Bwio, man gawn een aready next time i am in town i will stop in... Hope all is well, say hello to Lolo..

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    Oct 2001
    Orlando, Fl
    ah deh rite yahsuh.....I don't do fb that much either and I wish AB would come back too..we has such a nice group of quarellsome cruffy tru?
    Love is a many splendid thing and food run a close second.

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