Can Congested San Pedro Accommodate More Tourists?

So while the tourism industry is definitely looking forward to the increased numbers in tourist arrivals, the majority of the traffic that the Curios Belize Hotel has promised is coming mainly to San Pedro. Now, the streets of San Pedro are already congested as it is. And now that Belize, through Hilton, will be taping into a market of 52 million people, how will La Isla Bonita ever handle the masses? We asked Hon. Manual Heredia today about this issue of overcrowding the island.

Hon. Manuel Heredia - Minister of Tourism
"I wouldn't say there is an overcrowding of people. There might be somewhat of a congestion of vehicles which is different but at the same time we have a plan, we're not sleeping over here. We have a plan and if you have time you can take a look on the other side of the airstrip we are building an alternative road that would bring you from the marina where barges load containers and heavy vehicles. That road will be exclusively for heavy vehicles and then the main road into town will be for the small vehicles and so. At the same time we are working on a second bridge that will also be used for heavy vehicles and the now existing bridge will be used for the smaller ones. Again the sub division that was very questionable during the time before elections we have finally surveyed a thousand of them with provisions for hospital, college, elementary school, police station, fire department, playgrounds, everything in this master plan that was done for that area."