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Thread: Belize has a dirty, dirty little secret. They donít like black people in Belize

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    dj illmatic Guest

    Fact or Fiction

    I have read the post on this thread and I must say that they are very interesting. I just read mellow post on his neighbor. Mellow I undestand why he put anglo on his application. Before the early 70 mid 70's They were consider white. If any of you have older friend, Take a look at thier bith certificate. This is only of Hispanics in the US. This is a fact before hisapnics were considered hispanics on thier birth certificates it said white. or caucasion. I kid you not take a look . I had to look for myself. I did a research project in my undergrad years on this and ound that it was true. Mexicans, Spanish lighter skin puerto ricans and other latin ethnic groups born in the US. This is a true statment. THis was not change untill the coining of the fraze hispanic came about.

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    belizisimo Guest
    listen, it's nobody's business what your racial background is. obviously, if you're mostly black or mostly caucasian, people will have no problems putting you in whatever little box they want to.

    but many of us have lots of different races in our background. my family was mostly spanish speaking at home. but when all of us got together, you saw the black, the spanish, the maya, the in-between. nature has a funny way of showing all the different strains and in the case of our family, Americans and other outsiders find it strange that a african-looking person and a causcasian-looking person can claim to be blood cousins.

    someone pointed out that we're not supermarket produce to be labeled. we're people. and i endorse that.

    once i was getting a driver's license in the US and the attendant, put down "race w" as to say white. i asked him to get rid of that, because nothing about me is caucasian. he said, well you're not black. and i said, yes i am. and i'm spanish, and i'm maya indian. he decided to avoid the entire problem by leaving it blank.

    if you don't want to you be classified, nobody can tell you that you have to in order to satisfy their standards.

    and mellow, it's not about being ashamed of being negroid. we have to break the cycle of treating people a certain way because of their race. and i believe those of us who're kind of hard to figure out expose how ridiculous the whole American/Eurocentric practice of racial classification is.

    i refuse to participate in it. let people figure it out if it's so important to them.

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    belizisimo Guest
    mellow, i believe you when you describe your own experiences. so unless, you were there, you cannot tell me mine are not true.

    as for US government docs that request race. you CAN leave it blank. it's nobody's business.

    don't talk rass bout ting you no know bout, please. educate yourself, then talk. but not before.

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    Whereever my imagination takes me.

    Such is life.

    No one cares. What they care about is your money, your looks and what you have to offer.

    I am unique because you know exactly what race I am when you see me. Others unique because they can fall into many different races.

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    So, if Belize can "import" Chinese, Middle Eastern, Indians and Pakistanis, why can't we import Haitians? Could it have anything to do with money from foreign governments going into the politians pockets? We all know how crooked the Belizean politians are. What will the Haitians bring to Belize?
    Unfortunately, they have no "bribe" to offer, their government cannot finance a their stay.

    We do know the Taiwan and South Korean government will finance their citizens ventures wherever they go. Here's another fact, these people use Belize as a stepping off point to get into the US, using a Belizean passport.

    Another unfortunate condition, like a lot of the island countries, is the fact that the majority of Belizeans don't consider themselves to be "black", until they come to America when they get a rude awakening.

    The next time you're asked to indicate race, why not check all the boxes. This aught to confuse them.

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    dj illmatic Guest
    GOtta agree with Mellow on that one. The Us goverment does alot of studies based on races. So it is important to put something. casue that the way they allocated certain types of funding for programs and areas across the US. It a decsion maker when time comes to put so much money in certsin cities and districts .

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    belizesurfer Guest
    Ty, you saying you'd kick a french woman out the bed? Nuh me!

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    BoricuaQueen Guest

    Re: Re: Re: Surfer! Bulls eyes!

    I first and foremost would like to start this post with some spelling corrections. My head, literally, hurt trying to read this.

    (1) Application
    (2) Checked
    (3) Anglo/ Saxon
    (4) Color
    (5) Rhetoric
    (6) Slave
    (7) Ashamed
    (8) Fearful
    (9) and the ungodly use of the words: Whom and Fearful.

    Originally posted by mellowman
    REPLY: You went on to say that some allow themselves to get sucked up into the European way of life..... Exactly what i said about my "Puerto Rican neighbours" on his job aplication, he claims he always check anglo! when i ask him if that was his race,he simply responded that he is a Puerto Rican......
    I told him that he was from the Negroid race and he got offended.
    That when he responded by saying that the tropics have made his skin colour dark.
    I left it alone because some folks are indeed Eurocentric!

    All of the salve Rethoric seems to be Coming from those individuals whom are ashme to say that their race is " Negroid" or those that are so severely brain washed that they are fairful of being who they really are.

    On all job application there is a box......check....... race.......
    not nationality! which one do you check?
    fair enough question?
    I check the box that says: Other and fill in the little blank next to it with Puerto Rican. As far as "race" goes, I assume you are going by the primitive 3 standards of classification used in Anthropology. Those 3 are Negroid, Mongoloid and Caucasoid. Unfortunately, in this growing society, it is almost impossible to pinpoint anyone as to their exact racial origin. Even the darkest of skin tones have a percentage of themselves that is also Caucasoid and Mongoloid, as well as Negroid. Now, that said, are we to obligate anyone to say that they are either/ or just to make a point? No.

    In Belizean culture, I've noticed that some, Not All, are ashamed to claim their Mayan heritage. For me, this is a great atrocity. The Mayan culture is filled with art and beauty and a history that is vast and rich. Embrace it and be proud of it. If you like to call yourself 'negroid' great, more power to you! But know your origin. Educate yourself, you know you are of African dessent, do some research on your family and find out what you are. I could tell you what I am comprised of and tell you that I am proud of everypart of myself. I've done my research, and anyone who is Puerto Rican knows what that name means. Many Puerto Ricans say Boricua or Boriqueno, no one asks them what that means. It derives from the Arawak work Boriken, or Land of the Brave Lord. You see, to say that we are Puerto Ricans, it is us affirming our diverse background, which may include Arawak culture, Yoruba tribe Nigerian-from Africa, Spanish and Middle Eastern dessent. If you ever sit down with an open-minded, educated Puerto Rican, they will tell you about their own heritage.

    I must say that I am extremely proud of my Puerto Rican nationality as well as my Arawak heritage. Arawak is the correct name for the natives of Puerto Rico, the incorrect name was Taino. "Taino" is a word that means "good" and was mistaken by Spaniards as the name of their culture. My father is Arawak, specifically from the Jatibonicu tribe of Arawak, with Orocovix as our grancacique or chief, as you might find is the correct analogy. America, shortly after the Spanish-American War, have tried to discount their continued existence, but there is evidence and fact that there are Arawak tribes in Puerto Rico, Brazil and scattered parts of South America.

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    baldhead Guest

    The Secret Is OUT!!!!!! Amandala little secret....

    The secret is out
    Dear Editor,

    It's been a year since the Belize Black Summit (BBS) and with the successful launching of the African and Mayan History program, I was quite surprised that the editors of Amandala came out with an angry editorial two weeks ago they called "Belize's dirty little secret," (Amandala, March 21, 2004), which is, they say, that black Belizeans don't like black. (I'd thought the purpose of the Summit was to publicly expose and counteract that kind of negative black thinking).

    The editors didn't say when or how they made this discovery. True, when Dickie Bradley mocked Dean Barrow and Michael Finnegan in front of a predominately Hispanic audience as if their blackness was their isability during the 2003 campaign, Amandala dismissed the race baiting as a mistake. So they didn't know then.

    When John Saldivar was running in the special election in Cayo, taxi cab drivers there were telling me that black-skinned PUPs were going around to the largely Hispanic villagers saying, "We don't want no black man to rule over us." Was Amandala aware, or did they feel it wasn't news? I mean this kind of racist politics goes back to the days of Goldson.

    I believe that what the Amandala editors mean about "Belize's dirty little secret" is in how they themselves play politics in Belize. And I can illustrate it with this paradigm comparing how blacks in the US playing politics with how black Belizeans like Kremandala play politics:

    Right now U.S. President George W. Bush would have an easier time getting Log Cabin Republicans (a group of Republican homosexuals) to re-elect him in 2004 rather than depend on conservative black Republicans to help take him across.

    But, if President Bush selected Secretary of State Colin Powell as his vice president in 2004, thus positioning Powell to run on his own in 2008, the number of black American voters this would generate for Republicans would more than overwhelm the number of gay Republicans put off by Bush's push for a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriages.

    The opposite situation is true in Belize, however. Notwithstanding Belize's "shaky financial policies" (Amandala, March 14, 2004), black skinned or black conscious Belizeans are very reluctant to vote for the UDP Party if Dean Oliver Barrow is its head. But, if Barrow steps down and Manuel Esquivel takes up the UDP helm for 2008, as Amandala suggested in another editorial, then Amandala believes that black skinned and black conscious Belizeans would readily support the UDP.

    The reasons these diametrically opposite paradigms exist between people who are much more alike than they are different, is because of the dissimilarities in their respective histories and geographical ituations. And why Amandala was so late to discover Kremandala's dirty little secret.

    Signed: C. Eddie Edmondson

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    belizesurfer Guest

    Re: "I first and foremost would like to start this post with some spelling corrections. My head, literally, hurt trying to read this."

    Welcome to the board. You will find many errors in spelling and grammar on this board, mainly because we're just having fun and are typing fast. Also some people may not have had the opportunity to learn to read and write at a level that will not hurt your head, but we do encourage all to participate regardless of their education. We also write in our broad creole langauge where there is no correct way to spell certain words. We also have some foreign members who are just learning english. I'm reminded by the saying, "Education and common sense da nuh di same ting!"

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    And common sense nuh suh common after all...nuh tru?
    Love is a many splendid thing and food run a close second.

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    BoricuaQueen Guest
    Originally posted by Mosquitorose
    And common sense nuh suh common after all...nuh tru?
    Either way, mello had to make up his mind. Is it creole he's speaking in or English. I found it quite amazing for someone who claims so much knowledge and seems to have life all figured out. I naturally assumed that he'd know how to spell. I can tell creole spelling from American English spelling and, granted, there is a difference.

    I found that his posts were growing irritating, as he deviates in fragments from one to the other. Not to mention the fact that his views defy logic, and he insists that he is right. I enjoy all of your posts, but mello always seems to put his foot in his mouth and points at everone without seeing that there are 3 fingers pointing back at him. I'm confident that you all will agree.

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    BoricuaQueen Guest

    It's bloody amazing!

    Originally posted by belizesurfer

    Re: "I first and foremost would like to start this post with some spelling corrections. My head, literally, hurt trying to read this."

    Welcome to the board. You will find many errors in spelling and grammar on this board, mainly because we're just having fun and are typing fast. Also some people may not have had the opportunity to learn to read and write at a level that will not hurt your head, but we do encourage all to participate regardless of their education. We also write in our broad creole langauge where there is no correct way to spell certain words. We also have some foreign members who are just learning english. I reminded by the saying, "Education and common sense da nuh di same ting!"
    With that said, as adults we have a choice to better ourselves and to seek knowledge. I see foreigners all the time touring places around town with their French/ English or Farsi/ English books etc., and they make an effort to understand. When I post, if there's something that I don't understand in Creole, I ask my husband. He tells me and there, I learn something new. I don't impose my views or try to belittle anyone for not sharing my beliefs, but mello was out of line. He's touching on subjects he knew nothing about. And it is obvious how he is antagonistic in most of his postings. An educated individual will understand that it is common sense to take into account when someone is trying to correct the misspellings. It's no offense to others in this Forum, but to point out how he is quick to talk without researching what he's talking about. A solid opinion has facts to back them up, he has none.

    Common sense and Education go hand in hand. Not one or the other, both. How can anyone understand the importance of common sense without an education. Common sense would tell anyone to educate themselves if they want to make it in life. Common sense is seeking the resources to obtain that knowledge. There is no excuse not to educate oneself, unless there are circumstances beyond their control such as death, extreme incapacitation or severe isolation. Education is to Common sense, as the brain is to the body.

    My husband came to this country with pretty much nothing. There is no excuse and no blame can be placed if one choosed to be a numb-nut. He dropped out of Wesley School, was heavy into drugs and gangs and was in and out of jail. He has spent time in the California Prison system and has violated parole and probation. But he made something of himself. He took his life and turned it around for the better. He didn't spend his time trying to tell people what's better for them, he went to school. He got his high school diploma and took undergraduate studies at a community college to get his Bacculaurate. He doesn't spend his time trying to belittle others because they don't share his views.

    And here comes Mello "high-f-a-lutin' " with he knows this, and he's got that, and did this and he knows all.... whatever, visibly upsetting you all. For someone who claims to know alot, as mello claims..... It's all bull ****, and I point it out and you take it for yourself? Wow. That's really amazing, wow.

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    BoricuaQueen Guest

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Surfer! Bulls eyes!

    Originally posted by mellowman
    reply: we had many self proclaim educated rasscloth that came to this board telling us how to talk and write. You are not the first hoodrat that visited eighter.

    attention denied

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    BoricuaQueen Guest

    Re: Rule # 1 dont read what you dont like!

    Originally posted by mellowman




    Ha ha ha ha! Your stupid illiterate a** just can't resist. You don't know how stupid you just made yourself look. You talk about "attention denied". Ha ha ha ha,
    You posted just in response to me, jackhole! ha ha ha ha! Not one, not two but a whopping THREE times. I'm done chewing you up and spitting you back out. Move on and grow up. No, go back to school and do something with yourself.

    I believe it BZSurfer who owns this forum, not you. So stop play policeman. hah ha ha ha ha!

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