EXHIBIT A in maddarass:

REPLY; Nicely said kriole.....
There are a few individuals here, who will always challenge you, on issues pertaining to Belize not accepting Hatians or other Blacks.
There are Many Belizeans whom are "mixed-up" . Some right here at this site will act as if though they can speak for us Creole's, but i can tell these Creole haters and traitors that when the *****i hits the fan that will be the first to be shot!

These types of individuals are anti_belize!


The post quoted above is exactly the type of victimhood, woe-is-me, type bull**** that i'm talking about. the Amandala editorial above, and the post above, da lone rass. and you know why? because the premise is false. native born Belizeans are NOT victims, unless we choose to make ourselves one. no one is taking our country or anything away from us.

we have much better access to opportunities as native born Belizeans, with language skills, and schools in the city, etc. than any peasant immigrant from El Salvador who lives in Salvapan with pit latrines and dirt roads.

on the matter of taking in haitians, which kriol 1 talks about, i would say that Belize should have a humane immigration policy, that accepts a certain number of not only haitians, but cubans also, who are fleeing horrible conditions back home.

but we should make sure the UN and other international donors help Belize take care of any newcomers. the UN dumped thousands of Central Americans in Belize in the 1980s and then picked up and left, without helping Belize make the necessary improvements in education and health care needed to care for that many new arrivals. that should not happen again.