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Thread: TSA employee killed at LAX airport.

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    TSA employee killed at LAX airport.

    A gunman armed with an assault rifle entered a terminal at Los Angeles International Airport today, killed a TSA agent, and penetrated deep into the terminal before he was captured by police.

    Six other people, including three other TSA officers, were injured in the incident.

    The shooting sent hundreds of passengers streaming out of the terminal with many fleeing onto the airport runway. Dozens of flights to and from the airport were delayed or cancelled. It also triggered a "tactical alert" for the Los Angeles Police Department.

    The shooting began around 9:20 a.m. in the usually crowded terminal.

    The shooter, initially identified as Paul Ciancia, pulled an assault rifle from a bag and blasted his way past airport screeners, said Los Angeles World Airports Police Chief Patrick Gannon.

    Gannon said Ciancia opened fire before "proceeding up into the screening area" where he shot at the TSA officers and then "got back very far into the terminal."

    Police "tracked him through the airport... and engaged him in gunfire," Gannon said, eventually taking him into custody.

    Ciancia, is believed to be in his 20s and from Pennsville, N.J.

    Witnesses described Ciancia as a short, young, white man, carrying a long-rifle.

    One of the shooting victims was a TSA officer who died of his wounds. The officer was a behavioral detection officer, assigned to identify passengers acting strangely, said J. David Cox, president of the AFGE, the officers' union.

    The officer is the first TSA employee to be killed in the line of duty. "It's a sad occasion," Cox said.

    Six other people were injured, including three TSA officers, and taken to nearby hospitals.

    "One arrived in critical condition and two are listed in fair condition," a spokesman from Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center said in a statement.

    An emergency physician said the patients suffered bullet wounds and other injuries.

    Three other patients were taken to other hospitals.

    The LAPD said it was on "tactical alert due to a major incident" at the airport and the fire department said they were assisting at a multi-patient incident.

    Police said they believe there was only one gunman, but conducted a sweep of the terminal and surrounding areas as a precaution.
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    Too many idiots, too easy to get a gun in this country... Dead bwoi breathing still...

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