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Thread: Retirement in Belize

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    stephygee Guest

    Retirement in Belize

    Greetings All,

    As the subject matter implies, I'm contemplating (seriously) retirement in Belize. I was born in Belize and still have family there, but haven't been back in some time. I plan to go for a visit to look around when I'm home on vacation. I've been browsing the various real estate pages; looking at the requirements to retire in Belize via the tourism site; and just trying to decide what's a nice area to purchase a home. I'd like to live close to Belize City, although not in it...somewhere on the outskirts, preferably near the water. Belize, like any other place, has places that have more crime than others. What would be considered "safe" areas to settle down? Note: no, I don't want to be close to Ambergris Caye....too many Americans. Thanks for any input you can provide.



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    You should visit first before making retirement plans in Belize... Belize is not the type of place that i would pick to be my home,but would definately visit at different time. Good luck

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    We may retire there too. I am in my mid-50's now, so in 5 years coming, a warmer climes may be an improvement. But, Mellowman's advice is true, go slow and check everything out carefully.
    mel sinderman

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