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Thread: Tourists in Belize Ambushed On Southern Seas

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    Tourists in Belize Ambushed On Southern Seas

    Tourists Ambushed On Southern Seas

    Sometime last night a group of 8 tourists comprising family and friends were ambushed in the waters of Southern Belize by 4 armed pirates.
    Police have refused to give us any details about the incident, however they have confirmed that it did occur. According to the few facts that we've been able to put together, the group of tourists chartered a boat from the Mooring charter company and anchored in the Tobacco Caye Area - presumably in a vessel similar to this one - which we got from The Moorings website. The tourists had been anchored at sea since Saturday March 17th.

    But last night, the four men came up from nowhere, robbed them, and reportedly stabbed two of the men on board. Unconfirmed reports suggest that they assaulted one of the women on board.

    Police have not detained anyone in connection with this incident.

    According to sources, none of the tourists were seriously injured and they remain tonight at a resort in Southern Belize.
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    Princess Guest
    Wow, pure craziness happening in Belize. I read a story this morning about a mechanic that was killed by a gunman on a bike, simply because this fool was trigger happy. SMDH!

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    natty Guest
    wrong wrong wrong

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    Love is a many splendid thing and food run a close second.

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    zenflower Guest
    Everyone is a target. This is some scary stuff. I don't like to have to worry or always looking over my shoulder, but thats the way things are now a days.

    I like looking at HGTV House Hunters, and they also have House Hunters International where these families living the good life here in America decides to pack up the whole entire family and move off to these exotic places, and all parts of Central America including Belize, in seach of nature, exotic beauty and a simplier way of life. And I always pray for them and their innocent little children that seem so open and trusting that when they get to these places that they don't encounter tragedy. The real estate agent always makes it seem like they're moving to paradise, but they are usually in for a rude awakening. When I see the beautiful estates they're giving up in America to go elsewhere I always wonder "why"????

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    zenflower Guest
    Crime is everywhere, and I know it's not just Belize but when people are struggling financially, and they see those that have nice things it's like conchas to honey. Maybe the key is to not flaunt anything, but damn even the poor pipple dem di get robbed too. So I just don't know the answer to this madness.

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    Education. That would be a good place to start.
    Jobs. Good and affordable health care.

    But wait, all these things take a back seat to paying off the crippling debt left behind by the corrupt shameless teefs. So maybe the answer to all the madness would be to demand that they pay it all back.
    but the dust on my boots and the rythm of my feet and my heart say africa - vusi mahlasela

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    I looked @ the sailing service's website. Amateur sailboat sailors rent these vessels in foreign lands and waters. That's somewhat scary. Belize is a beautiful place, but you have to know the ropes to survive down there. To me, if the tourists would have hired a good sound Belizean skipper in San Pedro, or Caye Caulker and they would have had a great adventure, that a bloody nightmare.
    mel sinderman

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