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Thread: May Tours of Sanctuary Belize Now Open to Scheduling

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    May Tours of Sanctuary Belize Now Open to Scheduling

    May Tours of Sanctuary Belize Now Open to Scheduling

    LOS ANGELES, April 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- These my friends are exciting times in Belize Real Estate. While some real estate markets have yet to bounce back that's hardly the case here in Belize. After having a record setting sales month in March and getting feedback from the happy new buyers, it's become obvious that our "Discover Belize" tours are doing a great job in acclimating potential buyers to the Belize culture and lifestyle.

    With the April tour already being sold out, the next available Belize Real Estate tour is May 27th-31st. The tours have been a great way for potential buyers to experience the 14,000 acres of land at Sanctuary Belize, including our own private 5 acre offshore caye and the Belize Barrier Reef. Exploring all the natural beauty and foliage firsthand, with knowledgeable guides, has made the decision making process a simple one for many of our buyers. We encourage everyone that's interested in Belize real estate to come check out our newly released lots. We guarantee that you'll find it to be an incredible place!

    During our exclusive tour events, you will also get an opportunity to meet with the principals of the development and understand their long-term vision for the community itself. Oh... and the timing couldn't be better as the spring time weather in Belize is absolutely gorgeous. Sanctuary Belize truly offers that always elusive "high-value, low-cost proposition;" you simply have to check it out with your own eyes to truly grasp it in its entirety.

    If interested in attending one of our upcoming tour events, please contact Sanctuary Belize immediately as space is limited. For more information:

    About Sanctuary Belize

    Sanctuary Belize wants to make the dream of property ownership in a Caribbean paradise an affordable reality. We are also committed to developing our community responsibly and respectfully, with as minimal impact to the natural surroundings and wildlife as possible.

    As part of this commitment, we partner with architects, designers and builders who employ green technology innovations that are ecologically sound, economically feasible, while conserving the environment. Our mission is to offer our buyers homes and home sites that are as beautiful as the natural world that embraces them.

    SOURCE Sanctuary Belize

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