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Thread: Shyne & LA Reid Fall Out

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    Princess Guest

    Shyne & LA Reid Fall Out

    Hope this doesn't mean no instruments for the kids as promised.

    When Chairman of Island Def Jam's Record - LA Reid arrived in Belize on February twenty second of this year - it was huge news. He was welcomed with VIP treatment as the red carpet was rolled out by no less than the Foreign Affairs protocol officer who was there to greet him off his private jet along with Belizean rapper Jamal Shyne Barrow.

    A few days later news came out that Shyne had been signed to an 8 million dollar contract. But eight months later the deal looks like its disappearing - like one big POOF.

    International news reports quote Shyne as publicly announced he wants to jump ship from Def Jam's Record. In doing so he did took a few stabs at Island Def Jam CEO L.A. Reid - accusing him of not believing in -Hiphop.

    Shyne discussed in a statement on - that it is difficult to do business with somebody who doesn't believe in what he does. He went on to say and we quote -"They don't get it, they don't believe in hip-hop. They're into that R&B thing, and that's cool. But Def Jam is an institution… how you gonna have a chairman that don't believe in hip-hop?"

    That's a long way from the sweet-talk in February when LA Reid told Keith Swift he would work personally with Shyne:

    Keith Swift
    "You'll be working with him? Who will be his producers?"

    L.A. Reid
    "Look around….who do you see. You see me right."

    What did chuck D say about not believing the hype…?

    Anyway, Shyne is now currently trying to get with Cash Money Records. The rapper - who is jewish - is currently working in Israel but still spending time here in Belize.

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    Jan 2003
    Shyne sound like he doesn't have good business sense. Before signing with any label you make sure that what you need as an artist is agreeable and that the label has your vision. It took him 8 months to figure out they don't believe in Hiphop? LMBO
    Success is Journey... not a Destination

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    zenflower Guest
    Regardless if Def Jam believes in hip-hop or not, the fact that they offered him 8 milliion dollars should have been enough to roll with the punches. In this day and age, the record industry is not doing so well and those kinds of deals are far and few in between. In this article, it sounds like Shyne pulled out because of his doubts, and not them cancelling on him. If thats so, then he didn't make a smart move. I would have kept my 8 mill and let LA Reid figure out that he didn't do his part to promote if record sales were low, then move on after the contract expired. Now he might be sued for pulling out and breeching the contract. I didn't know they embrassed hip-hop over in Israel.

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    Princess Guest
    You know, this may be a long shot BUT my radars are signalling that it may be more than Def Jam's not being supportive of Hip-Hop. One reason
    for this is that being who Shyne is, he MUST know all about what the industry and the various music institutions and what they believe in and represents. With that said, I'm thinking what MAY have happened is the fact that Shyne MAYBE wanted to prove that he was so sought after, that he signed that contract not blindly, but hopefully (hoping) that was his ticket to where he wanted to GO and BE. This didn't work out, so he wants to call it quit. If "I" knew (knows) that most albums that Def Jam produce are R&B, how wouldn't Shyne know this and SHYNE breathes Music (meaning he knows the ins and outs of the Music Industry)?

    To me it was all about the money (and maybe he had something to prove) that put him in that situation: This is a paragraph from an article in Billboard Magazine:

    "Shyne inked a seven-figure deal with Def Jam last February after serving nine years for charges from a 1999 club shooting, although the rapper says that he was originally going to sign with Interscope Records. "[Interscope chairman] Jimmy Iovine put the deal on the table, and L.A. came along and he sold me on, 'We're gonna do this together,'" says Shyne. "When it came down to it, he doesn't want nothing to do with making hip-hop music. If that was the case, I would have stayed with what my gut told me, which was to go with Jimmy."

    Now to me, all he's doing is digging himself a grave (musically speaking), especially with all this fighting with other rappers. He's not in that position (YET)!

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