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Thread: Three Months Ago My Neighbor Tried to take his Life

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    WilhelmWaight Guest

    Three Months Ago My Neighbor Tried to take his Life

    But Guess what he wasn't successful ,he pulled a shot Gun an tried to end his life ,needless to say he just called his sister to mentioned what he was about to do ,(not a wise thing ) especially to leave it to his sister to clean up his mess. well any way . I heard his shot gun blast which had penetrated his left ribs an exited his under left armed, well any way to make a long story short ,he lived.with just a bit of Pellets under his arm WING , AN A Hold lot of mess. he had Reached Rock Bottom . a Few Weeks later He called me from his sister House apoligizing to me .I gave him some empathetic advised an told him life is worth living , an it was selfish of what he had done ,but noted to him how his sister must of felt .now he is back on his feet an working towards cleaning up his life.Well anyway ,I said to him if he ever wanna talk I am a stone throw away an told him please don't do that again.but made me taught ,well the economics in the world has driven people to do some real stupid things.but I am Thankful that he is the Darn thing is he is a nice Guy .lead me to the Question what has happened in your neck of the woods lately?

    WW Life is good live it an enjoyed.

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    zenflower Guest
    WW, if I were you I would keep the friendship and consulting with this guy over the phone. I know you're just trying to help, but sometimes when people are over the top and they are ready to end it (especially by means of using a gun) you never know if they might snap and try to take you with them if they relaps. It would be something different if he tried to take pills to end his life, but actually firing off the gun is someone who is mentally unstable. He sounds like he needs professional help, and I hope he gets it. You have enough on your plate to deal with with all the losses in your family you have endured lately so don't take on anything that might be too much to handle. Thats just my two cents on that nonsense, lol...

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    You sure have a lot of drama in your life. Must be a karma thing.

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    this bloody Buzz.
    Success is Journey... not a Destination

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