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Thread: Report: Belizean Fugitives Were Executed By Honduran Cops

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    Report: Belizean Fugitives Were Executed By Honduran Cops

    Report: Belizean Fugitives Were Executed By Honduran Cops

    All this week we've been reporting on Benjamin Peters and Alexander Edwards who were shot to death in Honduras…and the reported injury to Gabriel Salazar. All 3 were fugitives wanted for a number of charges including murder, in the Scotiabank Spanish Lookout Robbery.
    The story that has been going around is that the pair was killed trying to rob a bus while Salazar was injured. Well it's not so, and not even nearly so.

    According to La Prensa, a Honduran newspaper Edwards and Peters were executed by Police officer in a village called El Sitio De La Union in Copan Honduras. The police actually set out to execute all three but a man who has not been identified, survived. Belize police are "99% sure" he is Gabriel Salazar - while the press report from Honduras would only say that, quote: The men were identified as Benjamín Peters, 25, and Alessandro Edward, 30, and a third whose name is omitted for reasons of security.

    That reason of security is that he is now a witness to an execution pulled off by Honduran police.

    This third man somehow survived and with the help of the villagers he was taken to a local hospital where he told authorities how his friends had been executed.

    He is now in protective custody and four police officers who allegedly pulled off the execution are detained. It is a very strange and remarkable ordeal and the article states that it began on Sunday night when the trio entered Honduras through the Agua Caliente border station at the Guatemala, Honduras border. Honduran Customs police searched them and found guns in their bags. They were taken to the police station and at about 3:00 am they were told they would be transferred into the custody of the office of the public ministry.

    But instead of that, they were taken in two private vehicles out to the International Highway near the village of El Sitio where they were ordered out of the vehicles, all three were shot and left to die. A man who is believed to be Salazar somehow survived and he provided the account of the execution.

    And while Salazar is wanted for multiple offences in Belize including the bank heist and as a person of interest in the murder of a Big Falls shopkeeper, Belize Police - we are told - will have to wait until the Honduran have finished what has become a very high profile investigation in that country.
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    Ah no like bank robbers

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    And now the family of one of the murdered killers (they did kill an innocent man in the Belize bank robbery) was on the radio this morning asking for donations (they needed bz$3000) to bring the body back to Belize. WTF! Whats up with that?
    The Will of God will never take you to where the Grace of God will not PROTECT you...

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    I'd tell them to use the proceeds from the Bank robbery.

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    Well what would you like us to say its a dawg y dwag world what do you expect us to say u dwag

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    They Should FRY him!

    24 year old Gabriel Salazar has been Belize's most wanted since the Scotia Bank Armed Robbery in March of this year. He was allegedly one of three armed men who robbed the bank of three hundred thousand dollars and killed the security guard.

    He had eluded authorities for 6 months - but was caught in Honduras last week. Actually more than caught, he was marked for execution by border police in that country. We'll get to that story, but first to what happened today.

    At 9:30 this morning Salazaar was flown into Belize on a Maya Island Regional flight from San Pedro Sula, Honduras. He had no special escort, but Belize police were waiting to arrest him.

    He was taken out of the departure lounge with a police escort, and transferred to the CIB Office in Belize City. We are told that at this hour he is being transferred to the custody of Cayo police where he is expected to face multiple charges - but those still have not been finalized. Those charges could include murder, robbery, and conspiracy to commit robbery. He could be charged as early as Friday.

    And while that's where the Belize leg of the story rests tonight - it made dramatic headlines last week when he was caught in in a village called El Sitio De La Union in Copan Honduras.

    Salazaar was intercepted along with Alex Edwards and Benjamin Peters - who are all wanted for the Scotia Bank Robbery. They were intercepted by Honduran customs police at the Agua Caliente border station near the Guatemala, Honduras border. According to La Prensa, a Honduran newspaper, all three were detained and then taken from their cells to the village where Police officers tried to execute the trio.

    Edwards and Peters were killed but Gabriel Salazar survived. Honduran press reports said that Salazaar was witness to the police execution and he was being held in protective custody. That was September 27th, but apparently things have changed and Salazar has now been returned to Belize.

    Apart from the bank heist, Salazar is also wanted as a person of interest in the murder of Big Falls shopkeeper, Francis Johnston in September of 2009.

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    well now, how interesting...mek a go read Prensa Libre online

    hm, now, its not in prensa libre -honduras, maybe its in mexico...

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