No Arrests In 8 Year Old’s Killing

Last night the toll of crime we reported on was truly staggering: 5 murders plus one more which was discovered yesterday morning on the Hummingbird Highway. In that case, Police were called out to a farm road in Ring Tail Village which is in the area of the Blue Hole. About half mile off the feeder road, they found the remains of an unidentified man. Due to the advanced state of decomposition, no identity or cause of death could be determined.
Police have no clues in that case and they have made no arrests in the five other murders which occurred over the weekend. As regards the murder of 8 year old Eyannie Nunez, police have the name of a suspect but have not detained that person. Today her standard one classroom at All Saints primary had one very conspicuously empty seat. Her funeral is scheduled for one pm on Thursday.