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Thread: Sadness Overcomes the City - Senseless Murder

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    Princess Guest

    Sadness Overcomes the City - Senseless Murder

    The lawlessness in the streets is unrelenting. This weekend alone, six murders were reported, but the one that touched many hearts was the slaying of an innocent eight year old school girl who was fast asleep in her house in Belize City. Most people want the madness to stop. Belizeans for Justice is one group that is asking for support for a national shutdown later this week in solidarity of the fallen victims. News Five’s Isani Cayetano has reaction from the aggrieved families and details on Thursday’s event.

    Isani Cayetano, Reporting

    The scourge of crime and violence in Belize City predicated, for the most part, by gang rivalry has sunken to an all time low during what is considered the month of nationalism. Since the beginning of September a total of seven murders have rocked the Old Capital, four of which occurred this past weekend alone. On Sunday morning while most were fast asleep members of the police department found themselves responding to various scenes of crimes, all of which were murders. The most heart wrenching of them was at the Zericote Street address of eight year old Eyannie Nunez. Her home had been assaulted by gunmen who wanted her uncle dead. It’s a situation all too reminiscent to that of another minor, Marquise Mahler, who was gunned down with no apparent purpose on July ninth. While the motive for the shooting remains unclear Francine Pitts says the pre-dawn attack on her family may have been precipitated by an incident involving the murder of her younger brother back in 2009.

    Francine Pitts, Mother of Eyannie Nunez

    “I think it’s from last year, the thirtieth of March when my brother died, Ryan Walker. He and my brother Herman they were affiliating in so many things that we the family don’t know about; I personally don’t know about. My mother didn’t even know about. My mother had to run [and] live in the States.”

    The social problem of crime and violence, despite its toll on the lives of the innocent, is one that many social activists and political leaders say the wider community needs to own up to.

    John Briceño, Party Leader, PUP

    john briceno

    “We as a society, we Belizeans also need to take responsibility for what is taking place on our streets. It is easy to blame ‘oh it’s these people over there that are creating these problems,’ but we’re also responsible.”

    Part of that responsibility is communication between parents and children. In the case of seventeen year old Marlon Zelaya his grandmother who raised him from birth did not know who his friends were; neither did she know that he had been accused of committing a crime against a police officer.

    Margaret Zelaya, Grandmother of Marlon Zelaya

    “Well I can’t tell you exactly bout ah yoh know because when ih deh round me ih alright and when ih deh round I noh know who dah dih company weh ih heng out wid. I noh know weh really gaan on.”

    The overall picture nonetheless is one in which young Belizeans have resortedto guns and violence to settle differences. It is a problem that has spiraled out of control and regardless of academic exercises to affect change we have been failing miserably.

    John Briceño

    “Well I think that [em] that the time for studies and reports is over. We have gone through this for years and we have all these studies and [uhm] I think it is time for decisive action.”

    Among those who share that idea is the group Belizeans for Justice which is requesting a complete halt to business across the country on Thursday.

    Yolanda Schakron, Founder, Belizeans for Justice

    yolanda schakron

    “We have called for a shutdown of the business community on Thursday. That’s the day when the little young girl that was murdered, thelittle girl Nunez will be laid to rest. I have contacted the Chamber of Commerce. They are sending it out to their membership. I have spoken to the Chinese community and they said they will assist us and I have spoken to the Indian community and I am waiting for a phone call for them.”

    The proposed shutdown comes almost a month after the Asian community suspended business on August 19th following the shooting death of fourteen year old Helen Yu.

    Yolanda Schakron

    “We are asking the public on the day when this little girl Nunez is buried, come out. You know what, come out to the funeral, you may not know her personally but come out and show your support and show the government that we want changes. We’re tired of living like this.”

    Since its formation earlier this year, Belizeans for Justice has been growing exponentially, sadly because its membership are grieving families who are losing their loved ones to crime and violence. Reporting for News Five, I am Isani Cayetano.

    Since the beginning of September there have been thirteen murders in Belize, most of which no one has been charged.

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    Princess Guest
    Do you support a shutdown of the business community?

    A crime wave continues to grip the. The statistics are shocking, since the beginning of September there have been thirteen reported murders; in Belize City alone, seven persons have been killed in fourteen days, including an eight year old girl early on Sunday morning. The public wants urgent action to restore security in the streets. Tonight we ask the question: Do you support a shutdown of the business community to signal your dissatisfaction with the government’s approach to the crime situation? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8668 or post your vote on our e-poll at You can also send an e-mail with your comments to

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    Princess Guest
    Today, I cry for 8 year old Eyannie Nunez, who will be buried today. Tears will not be enough for this sweet little girl.

    Channel 5 Belize:

    Several Schools honour memory of 8 yr old Eyannie Nunez

    While the entire Indian community will keep their shutters down on Thursday, schools throughout the City will also do their part; some by lining the streets where the funeral procession for Eyannie Nunez will pass, others will attend the service. But one institution that will make a stronger statement is the University of Belize’s Faculty of Education in Belize City. Today, lecturer at UB, Sylvaana Udz, told News Five that several of the lecturers have decided to attend the funeral. All Saints Primary’s Principal, Therese Roches also says they will honour their fallen student.

    Therese Roches, Principal, All Saints Primary

    “We are going to show our love, our respect and we are going to give full honors for Eyannie. Tomorrow we will have a guard of honor for her, we will bring her in, we will carry her to the church. We’re going to have our students involved where they will belonging up and show their love, their appreciation and their respect to Eyannie. So that’s our plan for Eyannie, we will spend the last hour with her. She was a little girl that was always hopeful. For eight years old, her teacher said she came back very vibrant. She was answering all the questions, she was getting her work correct. She came back wanting to make it and do well at Standard one. Eight days were well-spent for her in standard one. She is a little girl who likes to pray, she knows the colors that she liked, she knew who she wanted to be. She had that faith that she could always say don’t worry it will work out. Don’t worry if you don’t have any money to give me for feeding program mommy, I will get my food. You know I will eat at school. Don’t worry mommy, if you don’t have it I can do without it. She was actually her mother’s very, she called her, her little angel because she seemed to have done a lot in guiding her mother when her mother was at that point where she might have been worried about them. I believe that she would have been a successful Belizean.”

    Sylvaana Udz, Lecturer, U.B.

    “A large segment of the Belize City University of Belize, Faculty and Staff are just totally fed up with the senseless violence as are many other people. And one of our lecturers, an adjunct, Miss Lisa Alvarez, who has been with us for years now—she does night classes for us in the Faculty of Education. Her dad was a victim of this senseless murder this week, Mister Apolonio, he is being buried this Friday. And of course little Eyannie, her mother is a very close friends of several of our departmental support staff. And we heard a call from the Belizeans against Violence, Miss Schakron, and we said but we can do something, we can join this. U.B. is a big sprawling entity of so many people so it’s hard to get all the thing done in writing with management, so we informed our respective dean at the Faculty of Ed. and the provost and basically we are not holding classes. Several at the moment, almost a dozen and we know more coming on tonight, of the lecturers are informing their students with due regard that we have a responsibility to them, because they pay for this product called education. So, we are making up the classes and putting a plan in place as the provost is insisting naturally and rightly so. But, we need to show the Belizean Against Violence movement that we are not just there educating people for the academia, we are aware of the society and what is happening at it has hit home—it’s hit one of our lecturers and little Eyannie who could have been a future U.B. student. So we are saying solidarity. Please, if you have a business and you are able to join in this tomorrow. Education is a business, all the schools joining in. We only want to say, you have to take a stand. Here is an opportunity to say I am tired of this senseless killing. Stop it! This is a Belize City driven by the Faculty of Education and Arts, whose lecturer was directly affected.”

    Marion Ali

    “Do the students support the cause as well?”

    Sylvaana Udz

    “Every student we’ve spoken to, who we’ve been contacted and in fact, even the Belize City Student Government was meeting when I left them—I do believe it’s a newly formed student government in the city—and I know they themselves want to have a presence there. It’s a group of us form the city faculty of education and some others are attending the funeral tomorrow. We are taking the Belize flag. This is a Belize thing—it noh matter what p what q, what anything you are as long as you value the fact the life has value. And why are we educating if it’s not for life and to make life better. So yes it’s a Belize thing now and it’s hit one of our own, one of our lecturers.”

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    Jan 2003
    I heard about this little girl's death but I'm not sure of the details. I guess I'll have google.
    Success is Journey... not a Destination

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    Riversdale, Belize
    Quote Originally Posted by Princess View Post
    Do you support a shutdown of the business community?
    Is this a rethorical question? Hell yes! All communities need to start working togheter to get rid of damn criminals. Make a statement like the chiny did. They were heard loud and clear.

    Down here where I am peeps started getting more crime until some good peeps got together and said they ain't gonna take this shyt any more. Working with the popo, peeps living here said "no more.". The bad guys worried and don't want to come this way because they know all us crazy gringos will fight back.

    8 year old killed? peeps need to start blasting the criminals. No choice.

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    Jan 2005
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida
    This is the time to bring back the death penalty, You take a life you should lose yours.
    Don't cry because it's over.. .Smile because it happened.

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    WilhelmWaight Guest
    They should execute them right where they stand ,sensless killing should not be tolerated.
    WW A Life for a Life.

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