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Thread: Belize should reject any notion of going to ICJ

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    Belize should reject any notion of going to ICJ


    Sep 14, 2010

    The Guatemalan Congress late last week overwhelmingly gave its approval for
    a referendum to be held to give the people of Guatemala a say in whether or
    not that country’s claim to Belize should be taken to the International
    Court of Justice for final resolution. According to a report in the Prensa
    Libre newspaper, the approval of the referendum came during a regular
    session of the Guatemalan Congress last Thursday. What follows now is that
    president of the Guatemalan Congress will go to the Supreme Electoral
    Tribunal with instructions to carry out the referendum. No date or indeed a
    timetable for that move has been given.  According to Prensa Libre the
    simple question requiring either a “yes” or a “no” vote that will appear on
    the ballot is: Are you in favour of having the International Court of
    Justice, with headquarters in The Hague, resolve the territorial dispute
    between Belize and Guatemala? Under the special agreement, also known as
    the compromise that was signed in December of 2008 by Belize and Guatemala
    it was agreed that if the people of both nations approved, by way of a
    simultaneous referendum on the same day, that the dispute would proceed to
    the ICJ. The outcome of any ruling handed down by the ICJ will be final and
    binding, regardless of in whose favour the ruling is handed down.

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