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Thread: Black & Red Recardo in PHL or NYC?

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    wiener Guest

    Black & Red Recardo in PHL or NYC?


    Unfortunately, I won't make it to Belize this year, so the Eastern Seaboard looks like my best bet: does anybody know of a place in the tri-state area where I can buy black and red recardo? Or, if you happen to pass by that market near the lower bridge in San Ignacio on your way back home, maybe I can tempt you with some Viennese 'Sacher Torte'?



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    tinakuylen Guest
    Hello I live in Philadelphia and El Yucateco’s makes Achiote condimentado and they also have a chimole paste. Now , you can get the Achiote paste in south Philly at the Mexican stores around the Italian Market or you can go to the Vietnamese market on Adams and Rising Sun and get it. But have not found the chimole paste. I guess maybe next time i go I will just ask the people in the market. My mother-in-law lives in Ny and I take her the Red so not sure if you will have luck getting it there.

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    Black Red Recardo in PHL or NYC

    Glad you all enjoyed it Thanks for the tip about freezing, Dandelion, I didnt know that and it will be very useful in future - one even small red cabbage can go a long way

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