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Thread: Belize City

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    scotchbonnet Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by dimple View Post
    girl thanks for posting that was the area i raise up in by travellers bar and water lane, it was nice seeing that. Thanks for posting you put a smile on my face .
    Yeah, a see dat too. Bez had to check out the famous wata lane. Now wata lane ina the heart of the city.

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    Bez Guest
    scotchie, I like to be where di locals are, it's the best way to see any country. Ah too tired to post di san pedro pics, maybe tommorow if I get a chance.

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    Jan 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by Bez View Post
    yeah, btw, is that the dalai lama on your signature? sounds like it, I practice tibetan buddhism.
    While it sounds like an affirmation he would say I'm not sure where the phrase originated. I've had it a while now and every once in a while I pull it out as personal affirmation/fun.
    Success is Journey... not a Destination

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