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Thread: The North Wants Its Share of the Tourism Advertising Dollar

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    The North Wants Its Share of the Tourism Advertising Dollar

    The North Wants Its Share of the Tourism Advertising Dollar

    The Belize Tourism Board has budgeted to spend $8 million on marketing this year. Most of that money will be spent on advertisements for San Pedro, Placencia, and other popular destinations. But one destination that wants its share of the advertising pie is the north. Or at least that is what they have told the Belize Hotel Association. BHA’s Executive Director Daedra Haylock says that last week she and her team conducted site visits in the Corozal and Orange Walk and met with 26 members who all feel a bit short changed.

    Daedra Haylock, Exec. Dir. – Belize Hotel Assoc.
    “And their chief issue is they felt that there is not enough focus on Corozal and the north in terms of product development. They feel that the northern districts, in particular Corozal, has a lot to offer in that it is a coastal town, it is a gateway town, and it also has the jungle presence, Mayan ruins, and they believe they need some more public sector attention in terms of product development. Also they are asking about marketing. The focusing from the marketing initiatives of the public sector, they believe, is more focused on the popular destination; Placencia, San Pedro, and there is nothing wrong with that and we support that. However they would like to see more attention placed on marketing the north and so they are asking for BHA to help them to get that message across to BTB and the Ministry of Tourism so that some increased focus can be placed on them.”

    Keith Swift,
    Why do you think they aren’t getting this focus?

    Daedra Haylock,
    “Well Corozal is a beautiful setting, it is also a quiet setting and I guess BTB and the Ministry places attention on those destinations where the revenue is being earned. Some may say it is a chicken and egg situation. We at BHA may not necessarily see it as a chicken and egg situation; we believe the operators are there, we believe the product is there, we believe the product is right for some development and so we would like to support them to get that kind of attention and with the attention, the revenues will come.

    We find it very encouraging, we believe that the destination visit keeps us real, keeps us in contact with operators, it helps us as a network to be able to touch base with members, with potential members, expand our membership, and understand what is going on in the industry and how they expect us to serve them as the Hotel Association.”

    The Belize Hotel Association has 170 members. 20 are in the north. The hotel association meanwhile is gearing up for its bi-annual general meeting on June 5th at Old Belize.

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