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Thread: PGA OUTBACK Gulf Tournament

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    WilhelmWaight Guest

    PGA OUTBACK Gulf Tournament

    Hello everyone I am not one for playing Gulf ,but have had a few games in my time ,an got to like it so when my wife emailed me last week an said she just won Tickets for a promotion to the Outback
    Gulf Tournament i said hell Yeh! was invited to Brighthouse Networks
    Building at the Eighteenth Hole. with everthing free .drinks, foods an in an Air Condition Right in the middle of all the gulf players smack in front of your face an Celebrities.had a great time . my wife even got a book signed by MJ Fox . an it was a touching moment to see Michael an how he is deteriorating with his disease (Pockinson)hope i spelt that rght. but he just stood there in his moments an signed over a hundred signature for the group. would have waited for Mark Walhburg but he never showed. maybe afterwards. but i just wanted to say ,sorry guys i didn't make the easter party at Fort Desoto but ,i will be there for the 10 of September. couldn,t give this one up.was my first .an very cool.


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    CherriBlossum Guest
    good for you....sound like you had lots of for mark walhburg i love me some him...yummy

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    Jan 2003
    How cool WW you were there. A friend of mine had tickets too and said it was awesome. He met MJ and a couple other celebrities. I had little league so I also couldn't make the picnic at Fort De Soto this past Saturday.

    Congratulations to your wife on getting a promotion. Gosh, it wasn't so long ago you were worried she'd get fired. See how positive things manifest itself when you continue to do good?
    Success is Journey... not a Destination

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    Jul 2008
    God is good everytime . Amen

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