Ch 5:

Honduran murdered and dismembered in Dangriga

We begin tonightís news cast with a story of a gruesome murder on the eve of one of the most important dates on the Christian calendar. It occurred in Dangriga where a Honduran who was out socializing did not live to see his forty-sixth birthday because he was brutally murdered and his body was found dismembered and inside a pit latrine. Dangriga police made the gruesome discovery around noon today in the abandoned outdoor latrine on Samwood Road behind Habet Hardware in the centre of town. The victim, Rodolfo Villatoro, was last seen along with three other persons, including a minor from Dangriga. Police believe the motive of Villatoroís vicious killing was robbery because a substantial amount of money which he had on him, along with a thick gold chain and bracelet are missing. Inside a house in the same yard police found a handsaw and bloodstains. That house is also where the minor resides and police have since detained him and are looking for two more. Police believe that Villatoro was lured to the minorís house because they knew each other and that was where the attack occurred sometime Monday night. Up to news time, police were still looking for a hammer they believe the trio used to bash in the victimís head with before they stole his belongings.