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Thread: Open season on cops? More officers killed!

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    Open season on cops? More officers killed!

    CNN) -- At least two Pittsburgh police officers were killed Saturday and two wounded after they responded to a call about a domestic dispute, two CNN affiliates reported, quoting police sources.

    Police officers respond after a shooting Saturday in Pittsburgh.

    WTAE-TV and WPXI-TV both reported the deaths.

    Shots came from inside a home in the Stanton Heights neighborhood of the western Pennsylvania city. No one could reach the officers who were shot, and they remained in the line of fire, police spokeswoman Diane Richards said earlier at a news conference.

    The incident began about 7 a.m., Richards said. An hour later, there was a volley of 70 to 80 shots, and an hour after that there were about a dozen more. Are you there? Share your story

    Richards, who said there also was a second person in the home, said police didn't know what prompted the standoff. Officers had been negotiating with the shooter.

    Police couldn't say whether the officers struck were from the city, the county or other departments.

    City, county and state police officers -- some clad in riot gear -- were among those at the scene, and a chopper hovered overhead.
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    Three thoughts:

    - if somebody shoot at the police, the bad guy is going to die, one way or another. You can't shoot at cops and get away with it.

    - If somebody is willing to shoot at armed and trained peace officers, do you think that person would hesitate to kill you?

    - Do you agree you have the right to defend yourself since obviously the police can't defend even themselves?

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