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Thread: North Korea Punks Obama

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    North Korea Punks Obama

    Stephen Bosworth, the U.S. envoy on North Korea, said the communist nation would face consequences if the launch goes ahead.

    "Whether it's a satellite launch or a missile launch in our judgment makes no difference. It is a provocative act, and we hope that they will still reconsider," Bosworth said.

    But he also said he is prepared to go to Pyongyang after the "dust from the missiles settles" in order to restart six-nation negotiations aimed at getting North Korea to abandon its nuclear program.

    John Bolton, a former U.S. ambassador to the U.N. and ex-undersecretary of state in charge of the North Korean nuclear dossier, called the launch "essentially an act of defiance against the Security Council."

    "A wrist slap by the Security Council won't mean anything and, in fact, I think the North Koreans will take that as a sign of weakness," he said. "It'll say they got away with the test."

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    We have to walk a fine line with those crazy bastards in the North. They have nukes that could ruin our day.
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