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Thread: Clocks...

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    Cant Get Right Guest

    Original Gay Terror caught on tape.

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    OGTerror Guest
    You are down to earth man but not quite far down enough. Any how, just want you to know that I still worship the ground that awaits you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cant Get Right View Post
    hahahahaha I am a tougher man I suck cack for free. hahaha. What you gonna do?I remind me of the crack head in "Don't be a Menace"
    Well first off, I would have liked to insult you, but with your intelligence you wouldn't get offended.
    Then I thought I could make a monkey out of you but then again why should I take the credit for something you've done yourself. Even though we all sprung from apes, you didn't spring far enough you stupid fock. Which raises the question, are you the only one in your liter born without a tail?
    Talking about crack heads, what's the latest dope - besides you?
    BTW dog, your verbosity is exceeded only by your stupidity and your mouth is getting too big for your muzzle you know? Even though you're the best at all you do - all you do is make people hate you. I advice you to do some sole searching man, maybe someday you'll find one.

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    OGTerror Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Cant Get Right View Post
    You look cute homee I'm mean homo.

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    Cant Get Right Guest

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