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Thread: Speaking of Easter

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    Princess Guest

    Speaking of Easter

    I just finished cruising the Recipe Thread and found one recipe for Hot Cross Bun - however -

    Good Day SB/MR (notice I'm addressing the seasoned chefs here), can you pretty please post your version of this wonderful Easter pastry. I'd like to have choices. Pretty Please? I'd like to start practicing this weekend. Gracias Amigas!

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    scotchbonnet Guest
    Princess, I haven't made Hot Cross Buns for at least 8 years now. I had a tradition of making them every year and I used to give to the neighbors who all looked forward to that. But then I stopped when I moved and we started traveling for Easter instead.
    I don't have the recipe written down, and I don't trust recounting it without actually trying to make it. And I won't make it because we probably won't be here for Easter. Sorry, dahlin.

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    Oct 2001
    Orlando, Fl
    I think I did post that recipe. Girl just go on the web, there are lots there. I use a cookbook recipe and the last time I went on the web. I used to make Easter bread too...bread basket and alll....
    Love is a many splendid thing and food run a close second.

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