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Thread: Travel QA: Planning the perfect trip to Belize

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    Travel QA: Planning the perfect trip to Belize

    Travel QA: Planning the perfect trip to Belize

    Penny Walker, The Arizona Republic
    The Arizona Republic
    Feb. 27, 2009 06:12 PM

    Q: I would like to know how to go about finding information about hotels, airlines, things to do, etc. in Belize. We are planning a trip in the latter part of May. Thank you.

    - S.W.

    A: The Internet is a wonderful thing. I've mentioned this before, but the message boards at are rich with real-life recommendations. Trip reports (so labeled in their headers) are great because you get to read about someone's actual itinerary and how it worked out.

    The site recently changed its forum setup, so you may notice the many posts complaining about it. It's not as easy to maneuver as it was before, but you'll find what you need. (And if Fodor's is reading this - bring back the old setup, please!)

    Get at least one guidebook, too, whether you buy one or visit a library. Any book worth its salt will include cultural advice, in addition to the usual activities and restaurant rundowns.

    There is a great variety of things to do; it all depends on your tastes. Fishing, nature trails, the pyramids of Tikal (just over the border in Guatemala), other Mayan ruins, caves and jungle lodges all await. Grab your guidebook and some Post-It notes and start marking what looks intriguing.

    When I mentioned your question to a friend, he pointed out that Belize is known for spectacular scuba diving. If that interests you, El Mar Diving Center in Mesa (, which offers training, also has a dive-travel agency.

    When you have an idea of the places you'll be, you can look up hotels in your guidebook and on Web sites such as and

    As for airlines, the official Belize Tourism Board site,, has a handy feature showing which airlines serve the country. Click on "Getting here" in the "Plan your visit" menu.

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