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Thread: Belize Property: Great Holiday Home or Investment

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    Belize Property: Great Holiday Home or Investment

    Belize Property: Great Holiday Home or Investment

    Les Calvert, director of overseas property portal Property Abroad said:

    "While Belize never really became massive news as an emerging market, its emergence, if largely silent was one of the quickest and most profitable of all overseas property markets. A luxury 2 bedroom apartment in Belize is now almost 200,000 to buy. We are advertising several 1 bedroom houses, none of them under 200,000 -- in fact one of them is over half a million pounds. But I certainly wouldn't advise anyone to wait and see if prices drop; they won't! And before you know it prices will begin rising rapidly again."

    The luxury apartments Les referred to are in the Bella Maya Resort apartments. Bella Maya is 6 acres of beautifully landscaped beach and lagoon-front land; a luxury hideaway with over 400 feet of private Caribbean beachfront on the Placentia Peninsula. Belize is home to the worlds second largest barrier reef and a lush tropical rainforest. It also has a rich diversity of wildlife and a large concentration of Mayan ruins, all of which are making Belize increasingly popular with international tourists.

    The apartments won the Home Overseas award of best Caribbean apartments in 2007. On top of that there is significant national & local investment in tourism; the international airport has been upgraded to receive flights from Europe & the main Placentia road is being re-built.

    All in all Belize is a fantastic place to buy a property, whether you are buying a holiday home or an investment property. Holiday home buyers will love diving from a cliff astride a waterfall into a tropical ocean before snorkelling the reefs. While investors will enjoy the moderate rental yields made possible by Belize's rising tourism, while they wait for prices to begin their rapid growth anew.

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    This would be quite decent if we see the way all these things can be seen and generally for a new level things has to be managed properly because during the Holidays we can see the outcome which is truly decent during spending a quality time.

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    Belize Property Great Holiday Home or Investment

    Pontiac being dropped probably didnt make very many people happy...Buying a car from a company that went bankrupt and is out of production is generally not a good investment.

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