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Thread: San Pedro's UGLY Underbelly.......

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    Another Belizean Guest

    San Pedro's UGLY Underbelly.......

    Did anyone see the news videos on Channels' 5 & 7 from this article? In the midst of all the million dollar homes being sold/built and the frequent visits from HGTV, this is truly sad for the residents of SP to live in these conditions.......

    The fate of the 512 students attending the Holy Cross Anglican School in San Pedro hang in the balance tonight. That is because there has been talk that government wants to relocate the school. But relocating the school is only half of the story. The other is why government would want to move the school. Will it be to make space for development? Our 7NEWS team went to San Pedro yesterday to investigate and trust us – what you are about to see might shock you. Keith Swift has the story which was produced with assistance from our colleagues at the San Pedro Sun.

    I could not believe that these people are living in homes on TOP of water and garbage and other 'sewer-like' filt! The amount of babies, children and adults that are suffering from flu-like and pneumonia symtoms is appalling!!

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    Bez Guest
    here is some of the story

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    Another Belizean Guest
    Thanks Bez, this is very sad.

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