[size=large]San Pedro Kids For Recycling[/size]

June 6, 2008

[size=huge]S[/size]chool children took to the streets once again, this time for another cause. In an effort to protect the environment several schools on the Island have joined together to encourage their communities to make reusing and recycling a part of San Pedro’s education system.

Today, they marched through the streets of town with posters and placards on hand sending the message for residents to start being more conscience about the environtment and start making steps to recycle.

The goal is to jump-start reusing and recycling on Ambergris Caye by having people talk to the kids and explain why it is important. In the new school year the plan is to get kids making arts and crafts from clean and ready to use items that people would otherwise be throwing in the trash.

If you would like to help please contact one of the schools listed below to see what is needed. If there is a school in your area that is not on the list please encourage it to join the program. For more Information please contact Laurie via tacogirlblog.blogspot.com

* Holy Cross School – Miss Linda: 226-3456
* ABC Pre School – Mr. Will Alamilla Jr.: 226-3070
* Little Angels Pre School – Miss Marina: 226-2115
* R.C. School - Miss Kay: 226-2550
* New Horizons – Mr. Miguel Hernandez: 226-4155
* Ambergris Caye Elementary School – Miss Odelia: 226-4323

Photos courtesy taco girl: