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Thread: San Pedro Kids March Against Child Abuse

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    mercury Guest

    San Pedro Kids March Against Child Abuse

    On Friday morning (May 30, 2008), just a few short hours before T.S. Arthur started to b*tch, the children of most of San Pedro's preschools and primary/elementary schools took to the downtown streets of San Pedro. The kids, armed with posters and catch phrases they yelled out, paraded through town with one thing in mind: educating people about the existence and prevalence of abuse against children, and also pleaing to the public that they do more than their fair shair to help put a stop to child abuse.

    I will post some photos (courtesy taco girl) of the parade...

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    mercury Guest
    S.P. Kids' Anti-Child Abuse Parade

    (Photos courtesy taco girl)

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    OGTerror Guest

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