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I'm no Belizean woman, but being a woman, I do know a few universally true things... First, a Belizean man doesn't change JUST because he met a white woman... honey, plenty of white, brown, asian, latina women all over the world are beat, cheated on, etc.

My man didn't change because I'm white, either... He changed because I said "no wedding" and "no picne" ...and "no nothing" til your **** is 100% to-ge-ther -- and if other women don't EXPECT this from their men, then you get what you get... if a woman is going to go on to marry and have BABIES with a man who does not love AND respect her, then I don't give a damn what race you are or where you come from... Expect more and you get more. Period.

I'm sorry that SOME [not ALL] Belizean men don't treat their women right... "we all come from a woman" -- no doubt... and I also agree that Black women [in particular] face some of the most difficult prejudices and challenges of all women and men combined on this planet-- but that does not mean one has to accept less than what they are -- A QUEEN

Amen to that last paragraph WG, I think I might welcome you after all!