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Thread: Another POLL!

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    Another POLL!

    Pollster Leonard Brackett Projects UDP Will Win 25-6

    Who will win Thursday’s general election, by which margin, and how many voters will turn out? Those are questions all of us are asking - and waiting anxiously until Thursday to find out. But why wait? One Belizean pollster named Leonard Brackett says he has all the answers. He is a Belizean architect and engineer who travels between his home country and Los Angeles frequently. He says he has been conducting polls from the early 1970s and now, he’s crunched the numbers and predicted the winners for the 2008 general election.

    Now we’ve all heard about the flap that Dr. Joe Iyo’s poll created when information surfaced suggesting that it was politically manipulated. But still, Brackett says his is more than a poll – it’s an analysis based on a whole volume of variables. He projects that the PUP will win 6 six seats and the UDP will sweep the election with 25 seats. One of the six PUP seats will be the Prime Minister in Fort George. But according to Brackett’s poll – Musa, who won by a landslide in 2003, will win by a thin 25 votes on Thursday.

    Leonard Brackett, Pollster
    “It indicates the Prime Minister will hold on to his seat by garnering 1276 votes which will equal to 50.4% of the votes and then becoming elected. But George Gough is projected to get 1251 of those votes which will equal to a 49.1% and therefore in number of votes – win or loss. He will be losing by 25 votes alone. If you compare to that 25 votes to the margin of victory that the Prime Minister had in his last election of 03, you can see why someone would have the impression that he might be in trouble.”

    Keith Swift,
    Or why someone would say your projection is off.

    Leonard Brackett,
    “Remember what I said about people taking polls and using that as the singular parameter for determining or projecting. Taking a poll is good but projecting – you cannot use a poll to project. You have to have data on which to substantiate your projection - and this is what I am saying – my projection is much more substantive than just a poll taken.”

    And while some have their heads in the cloud - Brackett has his in the books. He says he combined thousands of interviews on the streets, data from the Elections and Boundaries Department, and historical data to reach his projections. In case you want to know – the other five seats he says the PUP will win – according again to his projections are Albert, Lake I, Belize Rural Central, and Orange Walk Central.
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    mahogany sister Guest
    closest to accurate as I have sound like he worked with my poli sci teacher

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