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Thread: Belize City - Christmas Parade

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    mercury Guest
    Originally posted by monwa
    ohh rass.... atleast the kids have something to look out for if they have it every year. I think this is the third or second time they have it
    It's the third consecutive year. I think it's a great idea. Thanks for the lovely pics, Monzy.

    I'm surprised San Pedro doesn't have one (or does the Boat Parade count as such?) seeing as though this place has a parade everytime a crocodile breaks wind.

    I believe Orange Walk also has a Christmas Parade (at least they did while I was living there - or did I dream this?). OW is also parade happy. Halloween, Christmas, Columbus Day, ....

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    Another Belizean Guest
    at bemetu.

    Thanks for sharing the pics Mons.

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