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Thread: San Pedro Observes World AIDS Day

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    San Pedro Observes World AIDS Day

    Around tne Globe this past December 1st, 2007 was observed as World AIDS Day under the theme "Stop AIDS; Keep The Promise - Leadership." In Belize the theme that was being observed was "Youth: Take The Lead."

    Across the country, each municipality and certain villages held events to help educate Belizeans and visitors about HIV (human immuno-deficiency virus) and about AIDS (acquired immuno-deficiency syndrome). Information passed along included how to safeguard one's self from becoming infected, on how to get treated if infected and that GOB provides free treatment for as long as needed, the importance of refraining from discriminating against those who are HIV-Positive, and the importance of getting tested regularly for HIV. Free HIV rapid-testing were carried out and also confirmation testing where needed.

    The Ministry of Health continues to broadcast on local TV and Radio stations the importance of knowing one's HIV status, that public health centers perform free & confidential testing and counseling, to get treatment if needed, and where to get free treatment. Plus, reminding us to make every effort to remain negative, if we are such, or to make every effort to refrain from spreading the virus if we are positive.

    On Ambergris Caye, the San Pedro AIDS Commission spearheaded World AIDS Day activities. Following the annual HIV/AIDS Solidarity Walk throughout the downtown streets of San Pedro, free HIV rapid-testing was carried out at Central Park as well as the passing on of HIV/AIDS-related information. There was also a poster competition for students.

    Following posts contain photos of the San Pedro HIV/AIDS Solidarity Walk.

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