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Thread: Belize in Pics: Children's Day in San Pedro

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    mercury Guest
    [size=large]SAN PEDRO CHILDREN'S DAY PARADE 2007[/size]

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    Oct 2001
    Kennel side!
    Very nice...the future of Belize!

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    Another Belizean Guest
    Thanks for sharing.

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    Sharleigh Guest
    Very nice and thanks mercury. Neva no San Pedro gat so much pickney

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    May 2004
    Oh My Goodness! Everything is done BIG TIME in San Pedro. Thanks for Sharing Mercury.

    Mih son bring wha note dih day befoe saying he must take 10 dalla chips to school for Children's day. Me cuss up and tell ah no way and den big bawling eena mih house. Dih lee bwai seh ie teacha wha beat ah and sen ah home if ie nuh kere it, suh mih heart get soft and ah buy dih bloody chips dems...
    The Will of God will never take you to where the Grace of God will not PROTECT you...

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    Mar 2003
    what!!! (DB) need fi get a beating!!!! di hell you wha mek a teacher threaten fi beat yu son an you no mek a trip to the school fi cuss out di teacher, principal and who else step eena yu way!!....dat deh teacher know what you have eena yu purse?......ten dallas fi chips dah lotta money!!.......come yah mek i give yu one good slap!!
    "Men always want to be a woman's first love - women like to be a mans last romance." - Oscar Wilde

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    Another Belizean Guest
    I'm right next to you bemetu. He DEFINITELY wouldn't have gotten those chips after saying that. I would've sent him back to school with MY note..............."I dare you"

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