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Thread: Belize in Pics Series: Hopkins

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    mercury Guest

    Belize in Pics Series: Hopkins

    I'm actually glad y'all chose this particular set. It's different from all the others that I've posted and features something I'm toying around with. I'm trying to make the photo sets a bit more personal. Those of you who wanted more photos featuring people should enjoy this one.

    With that said, I present to you Hopkins.


    [size=large]HOPKINS, STANN CREEK[/size]

    Map showing Hopkins on Commerce Bight (bay) on the coastline of central Stann Creek, just south of Dangriga.

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    mercury Guest
    [size=large]WELCOME TO HOPKINS[/size]

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    mercury Guest
    [size=large]AERIAL OF HOPKINS[/size]

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    mercury Guest
    [size=large]HOPKINS (1)[/size]

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    mercury Guest
    [size=large]HOPKINS (2)[/size]

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    mercury Guest
    [size=large]HOPKINS (3)[/size]

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    mercury Guest
    [size=large]HOPKINS (4)[/size]

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    mercury Guest
    [size=large]HOPKINS (5)[/size]

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    mercury Guest
    [size=large]HOPKINS SUNRISE[/size]

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    mercury Guest
    [size=large]FISH & COCONUTS[/size]

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    mercury Guest

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    mercury Guest
    [size=large]PEOPLE OF HOPKINS[/size]

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    Another Belizean Guest
    These pics are awesome. Was that mangoes on a tree in the first sets? Nice.

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    mercury Guest
    [size=large]HOPKINS COASTLINE[/size]

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    mercury Guest
    Originally posted by Another Belizean
    Was that mangoes on a tree in the first sets?
    Yup, they were.

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