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Thread: Belize in Pics Series: Roads of Belize

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    mercury Guest
    [size=large]JALACTE ROAD[/size]

    Connects: Jalacte to Dump, Toledo on Southern Highway.

    Intersects: Pueblo Viejo, Santa Elena, Santa Cruz, San Antonio, Mafredi, San Pedro Columbia, among others.

    If approved, will become a part of the Plan Puebla-Panama's Central American Highway.

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    mercury Guest
    [size=large]SPANISH LOOKOUT ROAD[/size]

    Connects: Spanish Lookout to Central Farm.

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    mercury Guest
    [size=large]STANN CREEK VALLEY ROAD[/size]

    Connects: Dangriga to Hummingbird Highway & Southern Highway.

    Intersects: Hope Creek, Sarawee, and smaller communities.

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    mercury Guest
    [size=large]XUNANTUNICH ROAD[/size]

    Connects: Xunantunich to Xunantunich Ferry & Western Highway.

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    Originally posted by bemetu
    ouch!!....i tink i had a miscarriage on the coastal highway!!.......ah wonda if a could su di govament
    The Will of God will never take you to where the Grace of God will not PROTECT you...

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