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Thread: Belize in Pics Series: Consejo & Sarteneja

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    mercury Guest

    Belize in Pics Series: Consejo & Sarteneja

    This set will feature two of Corozal's most scenic villages. Both are at opposite ends of the Corozal Bay but both are on the same side of beauty.

    I bring to you Consejo, Corozal and Sarteneja, Corozal.


    [size=large]CONSEJO & SARTENEJA, COROZAL[/size]

    Map of Corozal District showing Consejo in the north on the shores of Corozal Bay and Sarteneja in the northeast also on the shores of Corozal Bay.

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    mercury Guest
    [size=large]CONSEJO, COROZAL (1)[/size]

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    mercury Guest
    [size=large]CONSEJO, COROZAL (2)[/size]

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    mercury Guest
    [size=large]WELCOME TO SARTENEJA[/size]

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    mercury Guest
    [size=large]AERIAL OF SARTENEJA[/size]

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    mercury Guest
    [size=large]STREETS OF SARTENEJA[/size]

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    mercury Guest
    [size=large]SARTENEJA COASTLINE[/size]

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    mercury Guest
    [size=large]SARTENEJA CHURCH[/size]

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    mercury Guest
    [size=large]SARTENEJA POLICE[/size]

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    belizisimo Guest
    love Sarten.
    spent many afternoons during school holidays in the water by the Parque de las Almendras.

    need to get back up there haven't been since last year! way too long.

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    mercury Guest
    [size=large]BOAT-BUILDING IN SARTENEJA[/size]

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    mercury Guest
    [size=large]SUNSET IN SARTENEJA[/size]

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    mercury Guest

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    Join Date
    Oct 2001
    Kennel side!
    Life looks so peaceful and simple in Sarteneja, compare to the rat race I'll face tomorrow, with crowded freeways, and cubicles workers who dread Mondays.

    Thanks Mercury!

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    Merciless Guest
    ...aaaaahhh...thanks for the Sarteneja pics Mercury....BTW, how come ah neva si u post 'belizisimo' lee thatch house?...

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